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Thursday, March 14, 2013

New post

Turns out I'm not much better with stationary technology either. I posted something this morning that is stubbornly refusing to show up in my reader...even the bots and spammers haven't hit it yet.

Maybe by crook we can drag it out.


  1. Salt & Vinegar Pork Scratchings? Oh, mail me some of THAT contraband!!

    1. A deal can always be reached.

      That picture was taken during a running text conversation with adamparsons this morning...but, when I saw the comment pop up...I knew it was you :).

    2. Next parcel those HAVE to be in it... I'm serious. Glad to see the world is taking the English obsession with such flavours seriously... finally... its taken 70 years or more.

    3. You saw the evidence yesterday. It's particularly interesting with the pork rinds because the only other flavored rinds they offer is HOT.

      There's a hot version of everything here.

      That shouldn't be a problem.