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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Vanderbilt: With Guest Commentary

Vanderbilt is coming to town today and for the first time since 1945 they are bringing a football team with them.

If the Gators lose today it will be the first time they've lost five games in a row since 1988. That was the same year that the Commodores last won this game.

If the Gators lose today it'll be Yale football around here for the rest of the season.

I've gotta go to some work. Working on Saturdays in the Fall is a crime but, the boss man is in a jam and I couldn't leave him there.

You'll be in capable hands....I think. I mean I know the hands are capable. I just don't know if he'll show up. That's what you get dealing with college professors.

Y'all know Allan.


He's is a PhD in, and professor of, philosophy. Which seems appropriate for today's game.

Nat, I know the game is on Gator and you can try ESPN.Co.Uk. Game starts at 11:00 central time...I reckon that'd be about 7:00pm your time. 1900?

Go Gators.

Athletes 7 - Brains 0

Round of applause for Dr Allan everybody.

There's less than two minutes left. Florida's winnin' 24 - 21. Vandyy just scored....onside kick comin up.

Fail. Sorry about your luck over. Go on back to the li'berry and read your books.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


The Sister says she's done checking my blog because she's been checking it all week and I haven't "done squat."

Excuuuse me. It's been a busy week. Those happen when you have an actual job.

It got started early too. Sunday night I had to deal with this...


Then I spent most of the week in glamorous southeast Mississippi. That's right Bassfield, Columbia, McComb, and Picayune...where I bought a King Cake from Paul's Pastry to share with The Sister and her's on Thursday night. She couldn't be bothered though...canceled on us.

And one of y'all should probably keep the ASPCA and Child Protective Services on speed dial.

First of all...Mary-Cathcart. This cat thinks it's the funniest thing ever in the history of animal domestication to get up on the counter. It's like a game to her. She leaps up and scrambles behind the coffee pot or the blender...juts her head out, gives it a few jerky a snake lookin' to strike. We holler at her, she scrambles to hide, we drag her out, toss her on the floor. She runs around the kitchen island and jumps on the other counter.

Sunday night me and Allan caught her loungin' on a kitchen towel where the boys sippy cups and plates had been stacked to dry...had been. She just looked at us like..."what...WHAT?". I love that cat...she's my cat but, I'mma kill her if she don't learn some manners.

Then there's The Boy. A couple of weeks ago he got the pneumonia. When I took him to the doctor he was fine except for the 103 temp. Then they gave him the steriods. It was like living with a midget wrestler for a week...a villainous one.

Roid Rage!

That passed but in the short amount of time that he was sick and we were a little more lenient...he picked up some habits. Like throwing at the first sign he's not getting his way.

Yesterday evening we had a great time..we went to Lemuria, we walked around Mirror Lake and saw the baby ducks...all very pleasant. Then we went to a store that had toys, Thomas Trains, and a big plastic riding tractor.

I guess he thought we were dropping him off to live there because when it was time to go he screamed Nooooo and ran. He was one of those children last night...I dragged his screamin' behind out of there and when we got to the car it was on. I spanked his butt (settle down...I didn't beat him...but I could have :) I didn't even hit his bare legs ), put him in his car seat and then we (meaning I talked he listened) had a discussion about his behavior lately ( screaming or cursing...just no nonsense.."we're done playing these games).

It was the first time I was genuinely aggravated with him*...he's too aware and smart not to know what he's doing. First time I really had to act like a Daddy...remind him that I wasn't just one of his buddies. I was doin' pretty good too 'til I asked him how he thought he could be in charge "when he couldn't even reach the sink?" I was thinkin' about how he couldn't even wash his own know.

That was a fail...Martha immediately covered her mouth and began to vibrate in her seat...all in a desperate attempt not to break out into that donkey laugh of her's. It was futile...all the stern credibility that I had built up since we left the store disappeared as her haws and guffaws filled the car.

It was time to let it go anyway...he had listened and stopped cryin' when I told him to. We had a good evenin' from then on out and that's how the week wrapped up.

* Meaning him as a person...there's been plenty of aggravation raisin' his stanky, loud a****** to this point.

Q if you don't understand something you could always ask in a know actually participate LURKER. Maybe somebody else has similar questions.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Before we move on...

Everyone here at Flimsy Cups would like to wish a belated but warm Happy Birthday to our Allan.

Seen here in his study....


Allan plays two roles at Flimsy Cups...non-contributing philosopher and lurker...and plays both of them with the crispness of a professional.

We couldn't do it without you's wishing you many many more.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Post #5

Y'all should be gettin' an idea of what's going on here.

I'm surrounded by lovable people who claim to find me confusing and even sometimes depressing (depressing?...seriously?), and who are genuinely deficient when it comes to aesthetic taste.

They're not dumb either...

transfers 234

That's one of my dearest friends think he's dumb? Look closely at the picture. He's wearing a beret OK?

Still...he haaaates The Fall...(I say he hates The Fall because that's how I have interpreted his refusal to listen to them after a couple of bars)...and he's the one who made up some story about noticing but not noticing my my pi'tures.

As far as I know their ears work o.k.

How can they miss the rhythmic groove of a song like Wings?

Y'all think they're just being obstinate..or what?