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Monday, August 29, 2011

You Tell Me

I talked with Mazes on the phone this weekend.

In between tales of incompetence on the golf course and a very sad story about how his own two year old son had runaway to live with his grandparents...he tells me all the SEC talk is boring. Keep in mind he called me to ask about two high school teams that were playing on ESPN. He loves and understands the game as well as anybody I know*...but Mazes is a mid-westerner. It would take more time than I'm willing to devote and expertise I don't possess to explain the psychological issues at work when it comes to our friends around the Great Lakes and The SEC.

Besides this post isn't going to be authored by me anyway. Mazes isn't the only "reader" with personal access to me that would rather express his opinions about the blog over the phone instead logging on to post a comment.

So I'm turnin it over to y'all. You tell me what you want to talk about. You can offer your own subject for this post or file formal complaints or tell us what you'd like to hear more of...or just say what's ever on your mind. I'll copy and past your comments into the body of the post. I'm turning it over to y'all.

*Just don't ask him for his expert opinion on any games involving the big ten and The SEC.

Mazes27 said...
Why is all the bowl games played in the South or California. Sick of the sec having home games. Big Ten, has large stadiums also. I know your going to complain about the weather. Its football weather. I would like to see florida. Come to Michigan in January, to play in a bowl game.

natetin said...
When I see SEC I read "Securities and Exchange Commission". One couldn't imagine a more hideously de-fanged, gum-smacking bunch of chicken-s**t stooges dressed in Vulpes' suits (not to be confused with zoot suits, but close). Now that's the kind of description I'd like to hear on Fox News. But may be that's just me, Libra - "the scales".

natetin said...
I've been incredibly busy with this and that, but mainly that, with the occasional excursion into this. So what new from the Vander's locker room? I imagine them sitting around reading Scott Fitzgerald's "Gatsby" while Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man" plays ominously over the PA system. I've no particular reason for imagining that, it just seems somehow fitting. Probably not this version though:

Speaking, at least in passing, of Fitzgerald, as I was, Hunter S Thompson was a big fan. He used type and type, over and over again, Gatsby, on an old ribbon job, as he held it to be the finest American novel. I mention this because Dr Thompson's first novel has been turned into a film and I, for one, am looking forward to it.

Trailer here:

Adam said...
OK heres a min rant for you. Check this Guardian article out, on spiders.

and my response: I could, I stress COULD, write a bit rant on the fact that its a spider, but y'know, whatever right, ain't hurting anybody giving it a name and all that. However, what really bugs is, this is about where the Guardian is at these days, indeed all supposed credible papers in the UK. I'll just mind my own buisness and continue in ignorance cheers.

Man, sucks that you got robbed! Arseholes, kinda feel a bit violated after someone has been in your house. horrible. :-(

natetin said...
I love The Mail, it's like a comic book for adults with learning difficulties (no really, can't stop checking it out everyday without fail). And they love the Kardashians as if they were the main attraction at the circus freak show - sans the make up and designer get up, the Kardashians would look entirely at home in Fraggle Rock.

Well, I hope they catch your TV & gun rustlers, round em up, wire their eyes open like Malcolm McDowell's character in A Clockwork Orange, secure your Winchester so the barrel sits squarely facing their noggins - so they are able to reach the trigger - while the films of Adam Sandler play, on your flat screen TV pressed to their faces, on continuous loop till either their optic nerves pull their eyes balls back through their skulls or their fingers decides their head needs to kiss the bullet ... it doesn't need to be Sandler ... Kardashians ... Geraldo ... Ricki Lake ... Jersey Shore ... Who's The Boss? repeat. Pick your own bête noire to fulfil your revenge fantasy. I'm sticking with Adam Sandler, though, I know it may be controversial, but Jerry Seinfeld come a close second for me.

Adam said...
Whilst we are on tangents, they now have a new UK version of Jersey shore, called Geordie Shore. Much to the disgust of my northumbrian good lady. In a way, its a good thing we didn't renew our TV license this year, as not only have we found ourselves with more time to do stuff we enjoy more, and its has saved us £145 quid, we also get to miss the existence of this sort of shit, and the dull, pointless, hollow vessels that claw to get themselves on it, and push their own unique brand of feral morality, fed with turkey twixlers, scented with paco raban, dressed in designer fashions. Decadence and dreamy aftershave. I think I need to go write another song to get this off my chest :D