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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Radio Grown Folks - Home at Last.

Kind of a drag today.

I made the rounds by myself. Down time, that would normally be passed gossiping or talking enormous mounds of trash, was spent scalding my tongue at one Mackdonald's after another. By the time I got to Tato-Nuts they were sold out and the roosters were nowhere to be seen or heard at Lulu's...too flippin' cold.

I did have the FM though...and these ladies to keep me company.

Plain spoken existentialism for hard livin music at it's finest.

I love this song and there's a live clip out there with an old fella burning a hole in a steel guitar but this video just kills me...

I didn't actually hear Every Things Gonna Work Out Fine but, we don't need to hear Proud Mary again. Besides, there's no way I'm passing up any excuse to play this clip.

Pick yer mouth up off the floor.

So, I reckon it coulda been worse...but I was happy enough to see the house.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Writing Again.

I have a story due on Friday (cough:Sundayafternoonmaybefirstthingmondaymorning:cough).

I haven't talked to the first person I'm supposed to interview...well, that's not entirely true. I talked to one fella who was gonna text me a contact number for another person that would arrange for me to talk with the people I'm supposed to be interviewing.

It's not uncommon for folks to be under the mistaken impression that this is my job...that it pays that kinda bread. They'll invite me to "come on by Tuesdee mornin'...we'll talk."

"Are we gonna talk about you hiring me because the only way I can come see you on Tuesday morning is if I quit my actual job?"

Maybe it's flattering for people to think that the magazines bigger than it actually is. Don't get me wrong I love the magazine and I'm compensated fairly for my time but, it's not Sports Illustrated.

Never mind that while I can breath through my nose again...I still feel like I've got a horrible hangover...a screaming dehydration headache hangover...a Subway Lounge hangover.


Anyway...same as last time...7:05 pm (Central Time Zone), 0 words.

5:15pm (CTZ), 0 words.

What? I'm strugglin' a little bit. It's not like I just wasted the last 15 minutes watching Tanya Tucker videos on the youtube...

or whatever.

I've got a plan and I'm workin' it.

5:36pm (CTZ), 8 words.

And yes I did just follow a link to a site called the scientific psychic...they promised figures on annual sports injuries. What?

5:50pm (CTZ), 8 words.

There were more words in the text I just sent Martha demanding that she try the bread pudding I brought home today than there are in my article.

I love bread an extent that would be embarrassing if I had the capacity to be embarrassed.

6:36pm (CTZ), 45 words.

The subject of the last sentence I wrote is a Martian...we'll see if it stays.

7:09 (CTZ), 51 words.

The fact that Freebird has become a kinda punchline in rocknroll is an injustice.

7:25 (CTZ), June 15, 86 words...

and 10 minutes wasted on Jay Z videos. Jigga WHAAAAT?

8:36 (CTZ), 89 words.

This is what I should be writing about anyway...

I hope our readers understand that there is a time coming in the near future, after a series of team previews, when you will have to choose an SEC team to root for in the's mandatory.

9:25 (CTZ), June 16th, 95 words.

Watching the Open Championship online (I could be watching it on the couch if not for this blasted chore...could be playing at my own club too. That's right resolution read right). The announcer just made a reference to Are-Kansas...and was quickly corrected by his colleague. Though I don't think that pronunciation is completely unheard of. Lucas Glover's a good'n by the way...he will dominate.


9:32 (CTZ), 93 words.

Y'all need to watch out for Bubba too.

10:05 (CTZ), 95 words.

They've just discussed Ricky Fowler as a potential rival for Rory...unless it's a contest for the most ridiculous looking person in sports, I don't think Ricky ready for all that.

11:08 (CTZ), 210 words.

Progress but, there's a tv hanging on the wall in this coffee shop and it is now airing an old Tarzan movie. Turn out the lights..the parties over. This whole enterprise is doomed.

11:18 (CTZ, 245 words.

Now Seergay's [sic] here. This is hopeless. Seergay is a professor at a local university and he's from Russia. Great fella...friendly and cheerful. He's busy talking up the young lady behind the counter right his distraction for me is not deliberate. It's his freakin outfit! I've gone cross-eyed. He's wearing a sweat stained orange T-shirt (heat index hasn't been below 100 for days), red and black plaid shorts, an elaborate fanny pack and argyle socks...d*** it MAN WHY?.....Why?

6:03 (CTZ), 314 words.

Took a break...who is it that could maintain this level of intense focus without a break?

6:46 (CTZ), 316 words.

How am I supposed to work when I've miraculously found a good Gator video on the youtube (great football team, awful youtube fans). I don't own the audio by the way ...but I'm interested if it's for sale.

9:16 (CTZ), June 17th, 435 words.

Moving along but with Phil moving up the leader's touch and go at best.

Just heard the unmistakable non-accent accent of a midwesterner yelling..."IN THE HOLE." Cretin.

1:00 (CTZ), 688.

I guess the intensity of my struggles have proved to be too much for some activity has come to a screeching halt.

Good for Clarke. Good dood.

7:48pm (CTZ), DONE.

It's out of my hands now. Thank cupcakes. That was the most tedious writing chore I've had since I took a Human Evolution course in my last semester at Millsaps.