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Monday, October 4, 2010

Post #2 1/2

My wife read the blog this morning...I know, I know...and she said Post #2 was depressing.

That was not my intention...I do not hate my job.  It has it's moments and I really like the people I work with and for.  I certainly do not begrudge my life for making me go to's a very small price to pay for the life I am blessed to live. 

I was just trying to use a circumstance that I thought everybody would be familiar with (especially on a Monday morning) to ask a question about desire often being at odds with Truth.  I feel myself sounding dumber as I try to explain...

How bout this Sugar...

A. You can sit under a rainbow, in a lawn chair, eating Dilly Bars...while a monkey shapes helium balloons into kittens and bunnies, or
B. You can drive across town to help your friend who is stranded on the side of the interstate.

Which would you do?

Which would you rather do?

Why doesn't doing what's right cause the same reaction as the possibility of getting one of those balloon bunnies?

She also said I need to use spell check.

Post #2

I have to go to work.  The specific job isn't important...or it shouldn't be.  Ultimately what I'm doing is trading bits and peices of my life for a roof, food and me, my lovely wife and the boy can live our lives.

Which of these is True?

A. It is good that your family should have shelter and food to eat and that your yougin' should have diapers.

B. It doesn't matter whether your family sleeps in the rain, starves like hostages and your boy...well

Yet for some reason the idea of doing the right thing, serving Truth...while certainly strong enough to get me to work on not enough to overcome the tedium of what I am doing.  If I had my way I'd spend the day drinking coffee and pretending to read a book (so it didn't look like I was just sitting around).

Why should that be the case?  Why shouldn't the idea of doing what is right be sufficiently satisfying to make the action of carrying it out insignificant?