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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Painted portraits of Minions and Slaves...

Crotch Mavens in One Night Plays.

Stolen Rims...

Are They Allow or Chrome.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Travels and Frustrations.

This week, like most weeks starts in Jackson.

It will end, Lord willing, right back here in Jackson. Between then and now, I will be in Ocean Springs tonight (just right of the bottom most I-10 sign)...back to Jackson tomorrow evening. Then I'll head up to Greenwood in the Delta (follow 49 north from Jackson)...From there I'll get up on Thursday morning and drive to Memphis (straight up 55). 

Last week I was on the North Shore in Slidell...down in New Orleans...Westbank.

I happen to love this song so,...enjoy but, for our purposes the video is what matters. The opening scenes are the very sorts of places that I work. The curb stores and groceries that are written about here...the neighborhoods.

Of course, if you're interested you'll have to get direct from Youtube...I've never come across a video that was so hard to access. It's certainly in keeping with general frustration I'm having with technology lately.

I haven't necessarily been avoiding the blog but, the Reader issue and the fact that I'm getting 300 visits a  day...150 of which are irritating. Part of that, I have deduced, is because Dino Dan has come to the UK...that thread's gone back up to 100 visits a day almost all from the British Isles. The others are from the Ukraine and Laos...Indonesia.

It's killing my buzz man.

Friday, March 22, 2013

They Didn't Know It.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why Did Lincoln Invade The South?

Because everybody was high.

That's what I was told yesterday.

We stopped at a curb store in Crystal Springs so my buddy could take an order. While he typed I got up to get coffee. At the urn was an older black man stirring cream into his cup.

"You know that was the worses war of all."


"They said that was more people killed than all them other wars put together."

"Which war?"

"Well," he held out his right hand and pointed to a finger with his left as he explained, "they had the Conferararcy...and the North. It was turrable...they shot mothers, brothers, sisters. They shot up e'erybody. It was right here...they shot up e'everybody here."

"Yes sir. My people fought in the War."

"I ain't sayin' they didn't had cururash...they had cururash but, if people woulda just had a thought...they coulda stopped that war...but, when you smoke that grass you don't curr 'bout nothin'."

Lincoln got his war because everybody was too stoned to stop him.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

If This Doesn't Work...

I'm gonna be so mad I could eat a cupcake!

My reader still hasn't updated. Delta Mobile is still up as my latest post.

If this one doesn't pop up...well...nothing. I guess I'll just stop worrying about it. I'm sure as hell not monkeying with anything else.