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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Biographical Tid Bit #2 Installment 6

I'd missed the train and there wouldn't be another one until 10 o'clock the next morning.

Two minutes before I had edged my way, as politely as I could, through a clamour...snippets of plans for the night, bags banging against the wall, laughter, rolling wheels, somebody spotted a loved one, the happy chatter of a crowd that had reached it's destination.

Now the crowd was gone replaced by streaks of relfected flourescent light across the floor and silence. The concession workers had locked down their stand and were spweepin up.

I wasn't the only one that had missed the train...a handful of people sat in small groups of two or three as far as possible from one another. There were just enough of these huddles that I was gonna have to break somebody's buffer.

I looked for a group of fellas...the last thing I needed at this low point was a dirty look from a female. I decided on these two that were around my age and obviously feeling no pain...they probably wouldn't even notice me and might be good for a laugh if they did.

They did..."heya...did you miss the train?"

"I'm afraid so."

"Us too...we've got somebody comin' to get us though...hopefully."

While one fella did all the talkin' the other just kinda rocked back and forth...his stare locking and unlocking on me suddenly.

"What were you doin in Ireland?"

"Just messin around. Nothin' really."

"We just went over this mornin'."

"What were y'all up to over there?"

His friend stopped rockin' at that point and locked in on me for a moment...and then ran...ran right out the door.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Biographical Tid Bit #2 Installment 5

The only thing I remember between deciding to go back out and getting on the ferry the next evening was being woken up in the middle of the night by a bunch of rowdy Austrailians.

The next morning and afternoon are just a blank...memories that have slipped beyond my reach. It's frustrating because I know I didn't teleport from Dublin to the middle of the Irish Sea, none the less we re-join our story in front of a slot machine on the boat.

I had about 14-15 pounds in my wallet when I left Ireland. We were suppossed to make it to Holeyhead just in time to catch the train. I figured 9 or 10 quid would be more than enough money for spending the morning in an airport...besides what if I won? I could stay a few days in London before heading my mind the narrative of the last few days had been building to just such a moment...I'll hit the jackpot! Whoo Hoo...drinks for everybody!!! I'll be at the Number One in Kings Cross when I wake up tomorrow just in time for some of that mushy sausage and beans...It was gonna be AWESOME!

No it wasn't. I didn't win. I lost.

Now I was down to it...if I didn't get back in a few days I was in trouble. I was barely eating as it was, and there was no chance of me paying for another bed. I needed to be on the on the train that night. I looked up at the clock on the was gonna be tight.

It was one of the lonleist moments I can remember...standing on the platform watching that train dissapear into the darkness.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Biographical Tid Bit # 2 Installment 4

The sketchy budget I had devised for gettin' back to London was very delicate and did not include buyin' a train ticket. So, I played the Forrest Gump was the only one I had.

Of course...I don't sound like a baboon on cough syrup...I have an actual Southern accent.

"Sir I don't know what I was thankin'...I juss I didn' realize...I come up 'ere for what little money I had left...I kant buy anotha ticket...the Army'll be lookin' for me and if I don't get back..."

"Just relax...relax son..where are you from?"

"Mississippi Sir."

"Oh Elvis!"

"Yes sir, Tupelo...what'm I gunna dooo?"


I was off.

The only thing I remember from the train ride back was seeing some kids on a platform hauling around hurling gear...I thought that was neat (I can't imagine that tykes are actually allowed to beat one another half to death like that...maybe it was field hockey or something...but it's a better memory if it's hurling it is). Anyway, I got back to Dublin too late to catch the ferry, but I was prepared for that. I went straight to the first cab I saw and spoke to the driver...

"Where's the cheapest place to find a bed brother?"

"Gardner St."

I thanked him and started walkin that way. Sure enough I got a bottom bunk in a basement for 5 pounds. Once downstais, I sat on the bed for a minute or two while my wallet got hotter and hotter...and started tryin to work one more night on the town into my budget.

If I caught the early ferry the next day I could be at Heathrow by supper time and with any luck I'd be on my way back to Germany at least by dinner time the next day...hopefully...maybe. I didn't need a whole 25pounds for that...and besides when was I gonna be in Ireland again. I had spent two or three nights in Dublin the week before and I knew wouldn't have to spend much of my own money anyway.

I didn't make the early ferry the next day...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Biographical Tid Bit #2 Installment 2

...I was in Dingle lookin for the fish stand where I'd eatin late the night before. It was nowhere to be found. Then it started raining...horizontilly. So, I found someplace to lite and began to assess my situation. I was broke...I had about five pounds in my wallet. Crap!

I could sense I was runnin low but...5 pounds? In those days it was not uncommon for me to reach into my wallet and get a shock like that. I either had money and spent like I did or I was flat busted (Martha's reading this grinding her teeth and askin' herself what's changed...I was even worse back then Sugar). Back in Hiedleberg, in the barracks, I had ways of gettin' around being fact I was an expert at it...but I wasn't in Heidelberg.

Obviously it was time to go...only I wasn't scheduled to fly out of London for another week. That was the least of my worries though...I'd just have to try and talk them into an earlier flight. The Irish rail pass I was carryin' would get me back to Dublin. I had a return ticket from Dun Laoghaire to London. Transportation was sorted out then...or so I thought as I boarded the train to Belfast....