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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This Is Penn State!

We gotta take a break here for a minute and talk about an utter disgrace.

Joe Paterno is a disgrace, the Penn State football Program is a disgrace, Penn State University is a disgrace.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about here's a link...

I really don't like to get into this sorta stuff, what a drag. Two, the response to such things, you would think, is obvious. I don't see the point in announcing to the Internet that I too am against rape, murder, etc...but, evidently the response in this case is not obvious to the people at Penn State.

Today it has been announced that Paterno has decided he will retire at the end of the year. The end of the year???

They cannot let this moral bafoon decide when and how he goes out???

They are still trying to protect him and this ridiculous image of moral superiority they've created for themselves. Paterno says this has been "devastating" for him. Get.... you geezer. I don't care anymore about how this affects Joe Paaaaaaaaaaa than he did about those children.

He passed it up the chain? He's the Emperor of Happy Valley...he passed it up the chain??? That scumbag was on the campus working out less than a week ago.

This is just the most horrifying example of how far some of these folks north of the Ohio River have their heads up their *** when it comes to their institutions and moral standing in the world.

Ohio State fans will still bleet about the supposed cheating and general dirtiness of SEC programs...clueless, utterly clueless...and made that way by their own misplaced sense of moral superiority.

Yeah well, I'll take a five hundred dollar handshake, a 250 grand handshake, over child molestation every day.

Never mind that utter coward graduate assistant coach.

Penn State has disgraced its self. If Paterno's on the sideline Saturday there aren't words.

There's been a lot of embarrassed alum and former players talking about how "this is Penn State"...this can't stand, ect, etc, and bhaaaaaaaaa.

Fire Joe Paterno now or we will all know exactly what Penn State is.

UPDATE: Board of Trustees for Penn State met tonight and fired Joe Paterno and the Pres. of the University is gone as well. It's a step in the right direction but, it was the only step they could take.

One reporter claimed there was already rioting on campus.

This is Penn State. Where they celebrate cowardice and enabling.

If this were Ole Miss, or if this were Mississippi State, there wouldn't be a riot...there'd be a lynch mob. Paterno and that punk McCreary and all of 'em would need an armed escort out of town.