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Thursday, June 2, 2011

No Smoking at the Old Absinthe House

new orleans 005

New Orleans.

I had a call in Chalmette yesterday and after it was over I went down into the The Quarter.

new orleans 021

Just as stanky as ever. Bourbon St. runs through the middle of the quarter like an open sewer line. It produces this violently acrid cloud of stale beer, urine and vomit that grudgingly dissipates the closer you get to the river.

new orleans 061

Of course, state law prohibits you smoking in The Old Absinthe House so you needn't worry about your health down there. Get blind drunk and pass out on the steps of one of those dank strip clubs ridiculously billed as a Cabaret...your plans of living forever will not be affected.

new orleans 022

That's Bourbon St. though and despite it there are some lovely places in The Quarter.

new orleans 024

You can even get books down there.

new orleans 032

Crescent City Books.

Of all the bookstores around...Square Books, Lemuria, Choctaw (Allan's favorite...they use a peculiar shelving system there that really puts his mind at ease and allows him to linger so he can find the title he's huntin) are all great and all have their specialties. Crescent City caters to mine. That's the British History shelves (complete with the mandatory separate section for Winston Churchill). Africa, India and the rest are well represented too. I've got a book in my bag from there now...The Rise and Fall of the Asante Empire. On my shelves at home, among others, are a copy of The Pro-Boers, a review copy of The Seed is Mine, and a collection of Boer primary documents translated into English (you try to find it). I love that place.

I'll tell you what else I love.... muffalettas!

new orleans 050

There's no better place to get 'em than Central Grocery.

new orleans 048

You just can't beat the place...that's all.

new orleans 051

I had a half...washed it down with a frigid root beer.

Then it was time to go.

Picayune 010

I've got a few calls in Picayune, Mississippi...which means one thing.

Picayune 002

Paul's Pastry.

I'm a little worn out with the road and can't wait to get home to the boy and Martha...but, I reckon there are worse places to be away from home.