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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Coffee. Black. Hold the Politics

I haven't spent a dime with Holiday Inn for at least 15 years..since whenever it was they decided to no longer fly the Mississippi state flag on their Mississippi properties.


The state voted on it...and by a staggering majority(75%+) we, the state with the largest proportion of black folks in the country, voted to keep it.

Get over're a low rent road-side motel with stupid television commercials.

You could call it race politics I guess, but it's not really about race. It's really about the insistent, sad and cloying U.S. need to be loved. They can't fathom that a group of people who, though they really don't deserve it, have the glorious privilege of being citizens of the United States of Uh-meeerica would still harbor separatist sentiments...that's all it is...FULL STOP.

Needy b****es.

Well I don't need to be loved (I'm well taken care of at the house thank you just the same)...


I've been in L'usiana all week workin'...with a co-worker who's trying to break the Guiness Book Record for loyalty points with Holiday Inn. So, here I am in one of their rooms...for now that is...until I need another cup of coffee. Then I'll be across the street (not a small feet when you're on Causeway in Metarie) at the curbstore standing in line behind 25 construction workers...all waiting to pay a buck fifty for a hot cup of bilge water marked Gourmet.

These morons have decided to remove the coffee pot from the lobby.

A motel without a coffee pot in the lobby!

Seriously...there's no coffee pot in the lobby.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Happens to be a Post


The following insanity is quoted from the description for Afro-Punk on netflix.

"Following four devout punk-rock fans who happen to be black, director James Spooner's thought-provoking documentary asks whether "Afro" and "punk" can go together."

Who happen to be black? Really? They just happen to be black...Spooner goes out to film some punk rockers...sits down to edit the film and realizes he just happened to film four black punkers. Maybe he went out to just film some people on the street...and they just happen to be punk rock fans...or maybe didn't intend to film anything at all but just happened to have a rolling camera in his hand...

Remember those hidden know they looked like a set of geometric patterns, but if you stared at 'em long enough and held your mouth just right...a picture would appear.

Anyway, a couple of years ago I'm staring at one of these things when a picture starts to emerge...and it is clearly, clearly an African woman carrying water on her head...there's pyramids in the background for goodness sake...but, according to the description it was an "African-American Woman carrying Water."

Evidently this secret picture came with it's own narrative. A Black woman in the US...sorry an African-American woman takes a vacation to Africa where she wears traditional clothes and does chores.

Lord only knows why "African Woman Carrying Water" was passed on, but you know in the hall of mirrors that is peoples' thinking on made somebody go wobbly.

Stop insulting my intelligence with this childishness...and paranoia about race. Can we not at least talk like a adults?

Below you'll find a link that just happens to be embeded on this blog...and happens to feature a punk-rock video, and happens..... to be awesome.

P.S. The cover does just happen to be subtitled in was the first cover that came up on Google images.