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Showing posts with label Time. Show all posts

Monday, November 8, 2010

Post #16

Time changed this weekend...set the clocks back an hour.

For some of you this might've meant an extra hour at the club on Saturday night...maybe you got to sleep in on Sunday...wooo hoo for you.

Of course time hasn't actually changed. I know this 'cause the boy got up at like 5:30 this morning...which woulda been 6:30 this time last week.

I was up already though. Sleepin' in for me is actually being woken up by the alarm clock...maybe once or twice a year. Put an extra hour on that...I'm up at 4am tryin' to decide between the sleep disorder info-mercial or the one about slimming jeans for big girls.

"MaaaaMUH! My 'jhamas WET! MA-MUH!"

"Sorry 'bout yer luck bud...Daddy's yer only option before six."

"My 'jhamas WET!"

Actually only his shirt was wet...soaked...his britches were dry, the bed was dry. Just one of the many mysteries a parent encounters at the changing table. Speaking of which we had another episode on the changing table this morning that Rabelais or Joyce...maybe Wilfred Owen...might be able to get away with describing...but I'm not even gonna try and attempt it.

Anyway...we survived the morning and he's gonna have to make it with Daddy until his little body adjusts to the "new" time.

We all gotta adjust...the boredom of my job on a Monday is so immense that it's gravitational pull actual slows down time. So, instead of gettin' off at 5 (which of course woulda been six this time last week)...I'll have to make til 5:03...(6:03 this tim....).

Monday, November 1, 2010

Post #14

Dunkin Donuts...Donuts taste like a Donkey's Breath.

I stopped by there to get a cup of coffee this afternoon...decafinated Martha...decaf.

Since I had like 25 minutes to wait...the fella in front of me in line was evidently buying the last box of donuts he was ever gonna eat for the rest of his life...there are probably people reading this who took less time to name their own children than this fella did deciding if he could run the risk of eating a powdered donut while wearing a black shirt. It's not even a's a box of donuts...seriously how bad can the consequences of buying the wrong donut be? You're out 80 cents...of course in his case that's money well spent. Elimating one donut from the list of choices should shave about 20 minutes off his next trip.

'Course I'm never gonna get the time back. I'm the one that's paying in minutes of my life 'cause he can't decide on a 12th donut to make a dozen. He was obviously havin' a great time movin' his finger back and forth between the Bavarian and Lemon Creams.

Anyway I waited there long enough that I started wantin' a donut the worst kinda way. Luckily I'm grown and carry my own wallet...I bought one...powdered sugar cake donut.

It was having someone grate nutmeg straight into your mouth.

How hard do you have to work to mess up a donut? It's fried bread coated in sugar.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Post #11

Earlier this week I stood in my drive pondering an asinine observation that I'd been presented with.

The next night at Five Guys I was asked to consider what I wanted on my hamburger and announce my decision to the girl takin''s like required. Well that too turned out to be an utterly meaningless moment in time.

Of course I got the soggy, wilted lettuce pasted with mayonnaise to the top bun of my cheeseburger.

My expectations for burger stands aren't high...and it wasn't my last meal, it wasn't even that they didn't do what I asked them to do...what I was paying them to do.

It's the pointless exchange...a Kabuki Dance. And like the fact that a Latin batter can't hit pitchers named Dave this episode has been filed and is now taking up space in my brain...they never go away.

No wonder it's a struggle to maintain worthwhile memories.

Course I don't know what I did today that's gonna stand out 20 years from now...
Me and the boy watched Bo Diddly videos while his Mamma got ready for church.
I went to meet somebody who didn't show up for coffee.
I was an usher at church.
Sermon on Faith was good Abraham, Mary and Martha, Kierkegaard
I had some dirty rice that was pretty good for dinner.
Cleaned my pipe
Went and got some coffee...smoked the pipe.
Went to the grocery...not really seeing anything durable enough to last.

Weird. I enjoyed the day and this is certainly not a call or declaration to make every moment count. Who's got the energy for that crap? We live memories though...grasp on yesterday has already started to weakin. Lord willin I'll be sittin' somewhere 10 years from now with just a handful of memories from this whole year...most of what I'm doing right now is destined for the void. The implications are just weird.