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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Now Now!


Can you smell the meth?

Rural Indiana is littered with derilect farm houses and out buildings...and meth labs.

Can't imagine why.



While I was there, I spent some time around a fire...


I post the picture not as a fruedian slip but, as evidence of how nice the fire was.

I got my hair cut...


...they have a better grasp on current trends up there.

Here's me trying to get a grip...on the look before the cut.


I did get to see Mazes. We went for pizza...

Photobucket a Ski Lodge themed pizza place. Like I said...they got the trends.* and **

Took in a few more sights...

Photobucket was time to leave!


*That is not Mazes in the could fit two of mazes in that.

**Speaking of Mazes...there is some hope for this patch of dirt. Little Mazes. That kid is cool...he will "show them something."

*** Forgive the NSFW language...but, this foul language exists because sometimes it is all that will do.