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Monday, July 25, 2011

Lightning Bolt

Late in the afternoon yesterday, I was out in my little room off the carport...The King of Paintings Throne Room...where I produce masterpieces and whatever. It was rainin' and gettin' bumpier by the minute. It's actually nice sittin out there listening to the rain and a distance anyway.

I'd been out there just long enough to light a cigarette and settle down when there was a tight, sharp, metallic bang...LOUD! like somebody had fired a 44 magnum inside the little metal trash can next to my desk. I could feel the air pressure change and my mouth tasted like I had a penny under my tongue.

I thought it struck the house but, it was about 100 ft. from where I was sitting in the neighbors yard.

Lightening strike 040

That is one dead loblolly.

Maybe the blog got hit in the same storm.