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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Special Needs Relationship - Interlude

You're Twistin' My Melon Man.

The Vaselines...the Raincoats....David Bowie....

It's fairly straight forward to start then...cucucucucumber. Ha.

Treepeople was Doug Martsch band before Built to Spill (it's perhaps an indictment against the lo-fi/indie/whatever scene of the 90's that Built to Spill was as popular as they were).

One for the careful readers. :)

As usual it's squal that matters with Dinosaur Jr.

Nice accent Harvard Yard.

Couldn't resist.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Game

Today the greatest university in North America, Yale University, will take the field against the greatest pretender in the Western Hemisphere.


With absolutely no apologies to michigan and ohio, this is The Game...Yale v. Harvard. This is where it all began. Like its antecedent Rugby, football was meant to be a brutish game played by Gentlemen. J. William White was an early advocate of physical, mental and emotional benefits of football. In a piece for the North American Review in January of 1894, he stressed the fact that it was not like English football. He dismissed that as a game played by "minors, laborers, and all kinds of people."*

(A Gentleman's wonder this northern game came to be dominated by The South.)

With that in mind, we turn our attention to the world's oldest bowl Yale welcome's harvard for the 128th installment of The Game. Harvard's already wrapped up the IVY League championship this year...just gonna make it that much sweeter.**

e.f.bartlam '04, M.A.

Sorry about yer luck crimson...fumble into the endzone. Touchback...Yale ball.

They couldn't capitalize...except for field position. Of course, field position matters.

Finally a touchdown for Witt...TOUCHDOWN.

Yale 7 - crimson 0

I look forward to this game every year but it is like watching Club it should be I guess.

Yale 7 - a color 7. That was a quick 73 yards...Boo Hiss Boo

Great play capped off by a fumble...geez.

Yale 7 - harvard 14

Blocked field goal...this is some bad football.

Bowed up on Em and held Em to a field goal.

Yale 7 - Harvard 17

Nothing to see here...move along.

*This is what we've been dealing with since 1865.

**The Gators are playing 1-AA Furman today...we aren't following that one.