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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Painted portraits of Minions and Slaves...

Crotch Mavens in One Night Plays.

Stolen Rims...

Are They Allow or Chrome.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Travels and Frustrations.

This week, like most weeks starts in Jackson.

It will end, Lord willing, right back here in Jackson. Between then and now, I will be in Ocean Springs tonight (just right of the bottom most I-10 sign)...back to Jackson tomorrow evening. Then I'll head up to Greenwood in the Delta (follow 49 north from Jackson)...From there I'll get up on Thursday morning and drive to Memphis (straight up 55). 

Last week I was on the North Shore in Slidell...down in New Orleans...Westbank.

I happen to love this song so,...enjoy but, for our purposes the video is what matters. The opening scenes are the very sorts of places that I work. The curb stores and groceries that are written about here...the neighborhoods.

Of course, if you're interested you'll have to get direct from Youtube...I've never come across a video that was so hard to access. It's certainly in keeping with general frustration I'm having with technology lately.

I haven't necessarily been avoiding the blog but, the Reader issue and the fact that I'm getting 300 visits a  day...150 of which are irritating. Part of that, I have deduced, is because Dino Dan has come to the UK...that thread's gone back up to 100 visits a day almost all from the British Isles. The others are from the Ukraine and Laos...Indonesia.

It's killing my buzz man.

Friday, March 22, 2013

They Didn't Know It.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

If This Doesn't Work...

I'm gonna be so mad I could eat a cupcake!

My reader still hasn't updated. Delta Mobile is still up as my latest post.

If this one doesn't pop up...well...nothing. I guess I'll just stop worrying about it. I'm sure as hell not monkeying with anything else.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Y'all. Durn!

Last week was supossed to be a great time for the blog.

Mostly what I do for a living is put new products in kitchens. So, after the first week or so in get's a little slow.

"Oh yeah...we can really do something with this...come on back first of the year."

"Come back and see me after the First...we gon be makin' some changes. This'll be great."


It's 'bout pointless to leave the office during the last few weeks of December and I was ready to sit. I had a list of topics to cover...

Fininsh explaining why Joe Strummer made a terrible Punk Rocker

How the adamparsons can't tell the difference between Collards, Turnips...and Cabbage. Really.

The literary genius of Satellite of Love

How y'all have utterly failed me this year in coming up with the definitive take on Memphis

I wasted Monday playin' Microsoft happens. Then, inexplicably...there was an appointment. Then a ride with...and anther appointment. on Friday. I never work on Friday.

Then my Daddy showed up...and I was home and there was a fire. Christmas shopping and a couple of Bowl Games. More Christmas shopping. Then I broke down and ate somebody's stocking I have to go back out for more Christmas shopping.


P.S. I'll be back in the office next week and we will discuss the adamparsons' outrageous characterization of the Collards.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Week That Wasn't

I don't think I've ever gone more than a week without posting but, it's been since last Monday that put anything up.

Of course, it's been plenty busy around here and I trust that everybody's been well entertained.

Let's get caught up.

Mostly I've been dealing with work. The semi-annual non-job related work issues.

I spend Monday morning and all of Friday in an office but, I don't work in an office. I work here...


and here...


and on good days here...


The people I work for do work in offices...and they go through occasional bouts of paranoia about what we, the outbound salesmen, are up to...out there spending all their money, carousing in places like...what Gloster??? Mound Bayou???

Stop hatin' man. There's nothin' keepin y'all in office.

It's especially irritating when you've been sent to a place by one person and then grilled as to why you were there by another. When these moments come, we take it...swap admonishments (this one tips too much, this one over-works the same area, the other spends too much on lodging) and then go back to handling our business.

Which mainly consists of driving between places like Jena and Jonesville, Louisiana...listening to the radio.

Really though, I love my job. I try to do a good job and I think I manage it but, seriously...Martha's hotter than a two dollar pistol and there's The Boy, imBlakei...


I'm not out here in St. Fancisville 'cause I'd rather not be at the house.

Speaking of being at the house...I took a minute this weekend to watch a movie..To Kill a King.

Two, Tim Roth is the boss. Two, while I'm somewhat familiar with this period in British's not in my wheelhouse but, I'll say this, every time I've ever seen any representation of Cromwell I've wanted to choke him...choke 'im right out.

I think it's the Puritan stuff...that's who the Yankees are. The English ones anyway. That's where they come from. Maybe that's it. That and I just find the presumptuousness of revolutions repulsive by nature...executing Kings! Who in the...anyway, that's probably the result of our history in The South. Which has been forced through, and is constantly being threatened with*, radical change for the last 150 years.

Speaking of...I stopped in Rosemont yesterday. The family home of Jeff Davis...a simple elegant homestead. Nothing pretentious or ostentatious. A home.


That's a post for another day...right now I'm just trying to get back to my own home.

I think that gets us back on track.

*There have been some calls for a third economic reconstruction. We're attracting industry by cheating. We don't have any unions and that isn't fair. The gov. recently used labor laws to stop Boeing moving a plant from Seattle to South Carolina...and we won't talk about Airbus.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dino Dan's Mom Get's Naked... the shower I reckon. Maybe at the doctor's.

The last couple of day's this blog has been deteriorating like a victim in one of those super-virus horror movies.

With one exception...the infamous, Bring Me the Head of Dino Dan! You can click on the link below if your's at the top of the Most Popular Post where it will remain unless I can actually produce naked pictures of Din Dan's mom.*

You see a lot of the, anywhere from 15 to 50, page views the post gets in a day are from searches like Dino Dan Annoying, I Hate Dino Dan, Dino Dan and Mental Illness, Why Don't the Dinosaurs Eat Dino Dan, etc.; however, none of em come close to Dino Dan's Mom is Hot.

Variations on that search hit this site bunches.

Martha has a theory about the preferences of these searchers. In her defense the only visitor to ever fessup turned out to be a lady with a girlfriend.

Well yesterday somebody got here by searching Dino Dan's Mom Naked.

Now we just sit back and watch.

*Just for perspective...the second most popular post on this site is Deadman's Shoes Fish Tank. It has been opened 131 times. Dino Dan has been opened 3,091 times.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Bar Has Been Raised.

We have the best readers on the internets.

You don't believe me? Read the comments here, go to the blogs of these'll see. They're all well above average intelligence, excellent writers and funny. They make this blog. We log on every day in hopes of a comment here or even better a new post on their own blogs. We love them all but...

Today we love one of them slightly more than the of you has moved into first place among equals. Shockingly it is not one of our regular contributors, she doesn't even have a blog of her own...she is a regular lurker. Worse still...she one of those lurkers. The one's that either contact me directly about the blog or passes on comments through third parties like Martha.

How is it that a non-contributing, passive reader of the blog, has reached this lofty status with us here at Flimsy Cups?

She gave me a ticket to the Mississippi State/Alabama game this weekend.

That's how easy I am.

Thank you Ms. Quick.

Pictures from last years Mississippi State/Georgia game...also, courtesy of Ms. Quick.




Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where Were You...

...when you read that I almost got killed by a Cottonmouth?

Today is the 10 month and a day anniversary of the publishing of that emotionally charged and bone chilling post.

How have you dealt with the shocking realization that the web came so close to losing the author of this blog...before the internets was even known to the general public?

Were you able to say a prayer of thanks and move past it...or have you been obsessively replaying the event in your mind just to make sure I did actually survive unscathed?

How has your life changed since that moment? Do you now cherish every word of every post as if it was the last. Do you read like I was dying?

Do you panic if a few days pass without a post...terrified that Satan's hand puppet has come back to finish the job?

Or was the emotional turmoil of it all just too much, too much to process and, unable to cope, you've cut your internet off completely.

Tell us your story. Make it an emotional performance...prance and preen. Solipsize the event so we can all have a better understanding of how to deal with it.

You don't know who you might be helping.

Please acknowledge a moment of silence before hitting respond.

Monday, August 29, 2011

You Tell Me

I talked with Mazes on the phone this weekend.

In between tales of incompetence on the golf course and a very sad story about how his own two year old son had runaway to live with his grandparents...he tells me all the SEC talk is boring. Keep in mind he called me to ask about two high school teams that were playing on ESPN. He loves and understands the game as well as anybody I know*...but Mazes is a mid-westerner. It would take more time than I'm willing to devote and expertise I don't possess to explain the psychological issues at work when it comes to our friends around the Great Lakes and The SEC.

Besides this post isn't going to be authored by me anyway. Mazes isn't the only "reader" with personal access to me that would rather express his opinions about the blog over the phone instead logging on to post a comment.

So I'm turnin it over to y'all. You tell me what you want to talk about. You can offer your own subject for this post or file formal complaints or tell us what you'd like to hear more of...or just say what's ever on your mind. I'll copy and past your comments into the body of the post. I'm turning it over to y'all.

*Just don't ask him for his expert opinion on any games involving the big ten and The SEC.

Mazes27 said...
Why is all the bowl games played in the South or California. Sick of the sec having home games. Big Ten, has large stadiums also. I know your going to complain about the weather. Its football weather. I would like to see florida. Come to Michigan in January, to play in a bowl game.

natetin said...
When I see SEC I read "Securities and Exchange Commission". One couldn't imagine a more hideously de-fanged, gum-smacking bunch of chicken-s**t stooges dressed in Vulpes' suits (not to be confused with zoot suits, but close). Now that's the kind of description I'd like to hear on Fox News. But may be that's just me, Libra - "the scales".

natetin said...
I've been incredibly busy with this and that, but mainly that, with the occasional excursion into this. So what new from the Vander's locker room? I imagine them sitting around reading Scott Fitzgerald's "Gatsby" while Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man" plays ominously over the PA system. I've no particular reason for imagining that, it just seems somehow fitting. Probably not this version though:

Speaking, at least in passing, of Fitzgerald, as I was, Hunter S Thompson was a big fan. He used type and type, over and over again, Gatsby, on an old ribbon job, as he held it to be the finest American novel. I mention this because Dr Thompson's first novel has been turned into a film and I, for one, am looking forward to it.

Trailer here:

Adam said...
OK heres a min rant for you. Check this Guardian article out, on spiders.

and my response: I could, I stress COULD, write a bit rant on the fact that its a spider, but y'know, whatever right, ain't hurting anybody giving it a name and all that. However, what really bugs is, this is about where the Guardian is at these days, indeed all supposed credible papers in the UK. I'll just mind my own buisness and continue in ignorance cheers.

Man, sucks that you got robbed! Arseholes, kinda feel a bit violated after someone has been in your house. horrible. :-(

natetin said...
I love The Mail, it's like a comic book for adults with learning difficulties (no really, can't stop checking it out everyday without fail). And they love the Kardashians as if they were the main attraction at the circus freak show - sans the make up and designer get up, the Kardashians would look entirely at home in Fraggle Rock.

Well, I hope they catch your TV & gun rustlers, round em up, wire their eyes open like Malcolm McDowell's character in A Clockwork Orange, secure your Winchester so the barrel sits squarely facing their noggins - so they are able to reach the trigger - while the films of Adam Sandler play, on your flat screen TV pressed to their faces, on continuous loop till either their optic nerves pull their eyes balls back through their skulls or their fingers decides their head needs to kiss the bullet ... it doesn't need to be Sandler ... Kardashians ... Geraldo ... Ricki Lake ... Jersey Shore ... Who's The Boss? repeat. Pick your own bête noire to fulfil your revenge fantasy. I'm sticking with Adam Sandler, though, I know it may be controversial, but Jerry Seinfeld come a close second for me.

Adam said...
Whilst we are on tangents, they now have a new UK version of Jersey shore, called Geordie Shore. Much to the disgust of my northumbrian good lady. In a way, its a good thing we didn't renew our TV license this year, as not only have we found ourselves with more time to do stuff we enjoy more, and its has saved us £145 quid, we also get to miss the existence of this sort of shit, and the dull, pointless, hollow vessels that claw to get themselves on it, and push their own unique brand of feral morality, fed with turkey twixlers, scented with paco raban, dressed in designer fashions. Decadence and dreamy aftershave. I think I need to go write another song to get this off my chest :D

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Karaoke Queen

If you're a long time reader you will have noticed the recent silence of The Sister. She's been on a soft boycott of the blog ever since I told everybody she used to live in Pearl.

While the absence of insults has been pleasant I'm gonna go ahead and buckle...say something nice. It's for the boy. He was hurt when his aunt didn't comment on his smokin' guitar licks...I tried to tell him that it didn't mean she didn't love him, but...the little fella was just crushed.


The sister is not without talents. As y'all know she has an artist's flair for telling people to kiss, stuff, and shut things...and she has the power to sniff out demons.

She's also a superstar at the Karaoke. Below is a still and some audio from one of her classic sets.


For those of you who may not know...this what the sister's on about.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why does the Sister hate my Blog?

Close readers of the blog will have noticed that The Sister has all but dissapeared from these pages.

On the one hand, it's nice to have a break from being called a donkey or a demon, or an idiot...not have my life threatened.

On the other, she's always maintained that the sucess of this blog depended on her presence and participation. "I'm what the people want," is how she put it.

Whether she's right or wrong...she believes it. So, I can only assume that, at least in her mind, refusing to participate is deliberate attempt of blogocide...she's trying to destroy Flimsy Cups.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Eraser

Ladies and Gentlemen I present for your consideration Reggie Nelson, The Eraser.

Y'all know I don't need much of an excuse (read any) to start posting Gator and SEC football clips, but this particular post is thanks to Natetin. He mentioned sports drinks.

What? You don't see the necessity of that leading to football clips?

Truth is it takes an effort every day not to post SEC football clips...besides this one's got LL Cool J.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post #15

Yesterday I told my sister she needed to put a link to my blog on her My Face page.

"I'm not linkin' your creepy blog on my page."


"You gotta write about things that people can relate to...instead of...of...whatever."

Who is it that can't relate to gettin the wrong toppings on thier cheeseburger?

"Do I have to tell people you're my brother."

"No...of course not. Why would I expect you to start tellin' people now?"

"How about I tell them you're one of our special projects at the Junior League."

"That'll work."

Keep in mind that half of the 20 hits the blog has are from my sister loggin' in to see if I've written anything about her.

Yet somehow I'm the one that's suppossed to be incomprehensible...the bug in the family?


P.S. Are we runnin' in the morning?