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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post #15

Yesterday I told my sister she needed to put a link to my blog on her My Face page.

"I'm not linkin' your creepy blog on my page."


"You gotta write about things that people can relate to...instead of...of...whatever."

Who is it that can't relate to gettin the wrong toppings on thier cheeseburger?

"Do I have to tell people you're my brother."

"No...of course not. Why would I expect you to start tellin' people now?"

"How about I tell them you're one of our special projects at the Junior League."

"That'll work."

Keep in mind that half of the 20 hits the blog has are from my sister loggin' in to see if I've written anything about her.

Yet somehow I'm the one that's suppossed to be incomprehensible...the bug in the family?


P.S. Are we runnin' in the morning?

1 comment:

  1. I guess that's a no on the running...considering it's 9:15.

    I'm gonna leave the park now 'cause I'm super late for work. I hope I don't get fired....I just can't bear to think of the boy having to grow up in an efficiency.