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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The 80's: A Sophisticated Approach

In between themed toddler birthday parties, running marathons and working at a non-profit..The Sister gets together with a Supper Club.

It's her turn to host this month. Never one to leave a bad idea alone when it can easily be made so much worse...she has decided to give her night an 80s theme. My brother-in-law rightfully dreads this, not as a one-off but, as a challenge to the rest of the club. You can just see it in his face when she talks about it...this is all leading to a night some months from now when he'll be forced to talk like a pirate if he wants the salt.

For her it's an excuse to indulge in her favorite delusion...the 80's According to S**** making a mixed CD (shouldn't that really be a tape?). Thursday night, after supper, we sat around the table and listened as she explained which bands and songs were being considered...the fist troubling omission between all the Level 42 and Huey Lewis was Berlin.

How can you put a new wavish/80's compilation together without The Metro?

Then she balked at Haircut 100!

My own personal 80's list would consist only of a Fall side and a Prince side...but for her purposes, as vague and sketchy as they were turning out to be, how can you exclude Love Plus One???

"Well," she says, "I love those songs but, my taste in music is a little more, you know, sophisticated than most"...most what? 8 year olds.

Then she screwed up her face at Don't You Forget About Me. The song hits me like a bad smell too, but it is The Breakfast Club and she's throwing an 80's themed party drenched in day-glow and tied with a scrunchy...the decision's not really her's to make.

Obviously she needs help..and as y'all know, because I've told you so many times, I am nothing if not a loving and doting brother. As always...I'm here to help.

Here is your list lil might not rise to the esoteric levels of sophistication you're comfortable with...but It'll be a hit.

We'll break into sides...keeping with the theme.

Side: Bougie

1. The Metro - Berlin

2. Head Over Heels - Go Gos

This really is one of my favorites.

3. Kids in America - Kim Wilde

4. Shake It Up - The Cars

5. B52's - 52 Girls

I know I know...but you tell me which decade it's most comfortable in.

6. Devo - Whip IT

7. The Waitresses - I Know What Boys Like

8. Stray Cat's - Rock This Town

9. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts - I Love RocknRoll

10. When Doves Cry - Prince

Y'all feel free to make your own suggestions...she really needs the help.

I'm off to work on Side: Ponce.


  1. I have a soft spot for Huey Lewis. There. I said. But why don't I feel the "release" of confession? They're like whole grain nachos; they appear to be the healthy option, then you remember they're mainly composed of genetically modified corn. They're like Coca-Cola, then you remember you can clean coins in its chemical carbonation.

    Still, there were some great 80's tunes, for example, The Specials' "Ghost Town".

  2. You said it man.

    I'm workin' on the English side now...which given her purpose...will be harder to do. Too many to pick from in the 80's.

    Me and the boy are fans of the Ska...Message to Rudy is one of his favorites and, if you can believe it, we were just listening to Mooonstomping by Symarip.

    He ran and got his rubber rain boots when it came on.

    Pretty sure there's a braces and boots post comin' soon.

  3. At the other end of the 80's, though he'd been going for a while, I discovered Steve Reich. I once shared a house with a "trance DJ" while studying in the 90s; he spent a lot of the time pilled up on a cocktail of drugs - some of them designed for animal use (he was a graduate chemist); however, I remember playing this Reich track and blowing his mind.

    Nice guy, but the last time I saw him, I'd had better conversations with vegetables; not that I make that a habit.

  4. See, I like that...but I can only imagine what the Sister will think if she clicks on the link.

  5. The Cults'; She sells sanctuary must be on there surely? The power of what you can do with three chords!

  6. It would probably get some consideration by me...but, I should probably restate the dodgy's a new wavish/Pretty in Pink kinda a thing. I'm tryin' to help her give the people what she's promised.

    I'm listening to She Sells now...a good one.

  7. Aw man, Prince, the purple pepper pot? Really? How about some Salt and Pepper ...

    They'd chew up the purple one like he was beef jerky.

  8. You've had me trawling youtube most the night reminiscing.

    In my mind, The Beastie Boys will be forever associated with my friend who was a material scientist; he'd bought tickets to see them in his home town of Birmingham and, in the student bar a few beers later, realised that he had mixed up the dates they were playing - actually I was one that tipped him off while reading the gig reviews in some paper. I never saw a man cry so much. Later that evening he paint sprayed the halls we were staying in with semi-literate expressions of grief. It took five of us to bleach the walls clean the next day.

  9. Nat I love that SaltnPepper song...after all it was written for people like me, but what you've said about should be banned from Youtube for the things you've said.

    How is that we've ended up with a Fall hater and a Prince hater on this website...what are the odds.

    At least you posted some Paul's Boutique.

    I hope somebody hides the spray paint...and sharp objects...from Rory Mcilroy tonight...Lord Have Mercy.

  10. Prince

    'nuff said

  11. Those Prince clips should come with a fire extinguisher!

  12. Rory and John Daly, was seen at a hooters getting blitzed. Rory was heard mumbling something about a damn green coat and missing three foot putts. As far as 80's music first record bought was "Sweet Dreams" Eurthmmics.

  13. Can't go wrong with the Eurythmics! Annie Lennox gotta be one of the 5 greatest female vocalists!

    Also, more prince (hadn't seen this before)
    dear god that was good, wouldn't mind that Tele of his either!

  14. Sorry we are messing with your cheese theme aren't we?

  15. Y'all...and especially you as long as you keep posting Prince clips...are free to do with it as you like.

    Besides...not all cheese is processed. I'm happy to listen to any of those songs...52 Girls and Head Over Heels are all timers with me.

    Y'all owned that decade in popular music.

    I'm sure the Eurythmics will make appearance on the British side...which is expanding exponentially.

  16. Maze play's the guitar too...I guess that's what he's usually busy doing instead of posting comments on my blog.

  17. To Natetin- while I am pleased you are a Huey Lewis fan (I just love love me some Heart and Soul and Want a New Drug!!) Your Reich suggestion sounds like someone left the phone off the not in 5 millenniums will that make the cut.

    As for "The Metro"...while I DO like this song, my group is more of the Berlin "Take My Breath Away" speed.

    Adam- The Cult is one of my favs. Actually have the disc in the player right now. You can't beat "Fire Woman". But again, as part of my delusion, the 80's was really all about British New Wave and Prince. everything else was just a side dish. I would lump The Cult in with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Great late 80's songs that belong in a 90's category.

    I will write more son's homework is calling me.

  18. One other thing...Can I really be blamed for my fascination with British New Wave when my own brother had posters of Simon LeBon all over his walls??

    Fascination..that reminds me of The Human League. They will definitely make the cut!

  19. I'm having a stormy internal debate trying to decide between Girls on Film and Planet Earth.

  20. Vinyards - nothing wrong with a bit of Sports!

    Other 8-0 decade highlights randomly remembered:

    Gary Numan - Are friends electric?

    XTC - Making Plans for Nigel (okay, this is about '79)

    New Order - True Faith

    Landscape - Einstein A Go Go

    The Stranglers: Golden Brown

    Visage - Fade To Grey

  21. Gary Numan did something other then Cars?? Cars is already on the list. Will look into your XTC suggestion though you lost A LOT of cred with me over the Reich misstep.

    Erik, debate is over Rio or Hungry like the Wolf. You just remember whose party this is!

  22. I'll see your Purple munchkin, and raise you a Bowie:

    David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes

  23. Vineyards, rest assured my credibility viz-a-viz Reich is still passing for cool with the black turtle-neck wearing, chin goatee, gauloises chain-smoking hipsters. I jest, of course, but he has had a surprising influence on 90s "dance" music, e.g.

  24. Then there was The Stone Roses '98:

    Fool's Gold

  25. We are just gonna forget about Reich. He is dead to us, okay?

    I looked into your Nigel bit and I gotta tell ya Natetin, you were on the bubble, almost being totally blocked from this post discussion. But alas, you have redeemed yourself with the David Bowie suggestion. Well almost. Ashes to Ashes was a freak show. Lets leave that in the 70's where that song and his tutu belong. Let's move into the 80's with "Blue Jean". The very best he ever did. He really is one of my favorites. Then in the 90's with "Jump, They Say". And as if his style and music was not enough, he marries Iman. The man is just fabulous!

    Even the Labyrinth Soundtrack was great and that was a child's movie!!

  26. ... and you can't beat a bit of The Smiths:

    The Smiths - How Soon Is Now?

  27. I just make noise on the guitar. Calling it "playing" is a stretch. Hard to believe the eighties theme has the most comments posted. I remember when Prince was singing about partying likes it 1999 and it seemed so far off.


    This is my answer to the Eurythmics. Best they did and they had so many great ones for sure!

  29. Y'all carry on.

    I'll be busy today working in the prettiest town in Mississippi.

  30. Aw common- she sells is 85, thats not late.

    I just can't do it I think, I guess I was too small at the time to appreciate it- I was 6 or 7 in '85, but whenever I try to concentrate, I drift off to the 'side show', as thats where the stuff I love is hidden.

    Like this little treasure (another '85 btw)

    The Smiths, The 'roses, you can stick in a bag with U2 and any spare kittens you want rid of, and I'll pop down Lancaster canal for you tommorow if you like! :-p

  31. That was a bad link, shoulda been 'no time to cry' by sisters of mercy... that, appreantly, is Sound System - Born To Be Wasted, cool tho'

  32. See how hard it is to follow her "logic?"

    I've got plenty to say about the Smiths and the misery porn they peddled but,...there is no denying the brilliance of How Soon is Now. Thank you Johnny Marr.

    Don't like the Fall, don't like the Smiths, don't like the Stone Roses, you hate t'artics too? Joy Division? Echo and the Bunnymen?

  33. Adam,

    Scarlet just texted me asking me to ask you if you like Space Hog.

    I asked her why she couldn't ask you herself. She says she's busy making a birthday cake.

    I didn't feel like getting into the whole time difference thing with her.

  34. "Someone left the cake out in the rain I don't think that I can take it 'cause it took so long to bake it and I'll never have that recipe again ..."

    ... oh wait, that's the 70's isn't? ;)

  35. For a slice of American Cheese, I don't think you can ignore 'The Boys of Summer' - a guilty pleasure of mine, only ever sampled via headphones at the gym (my husband must NEVER find out)....and for some British Cheddar, there's always Adam and the Ants - you can all do the special Prince Charming Dance around the table.

    Is there going to be 8os food? Nouvelle cuisine? Sounds fab.

  36. There's no way Adam and the Ants get left off that list...y'all don't want to be with me in the car when Goody Two Shoes comes on...Song Rocks.

    Your husband must never find out? I wish I'd never found out :).

    Well, Sis that's a good question about the food...or have you even given half a thought to what you might serve for SUPPER?

  37. ... that would explain why he's so antsy.

    *double thud of base drum followed by clash of symbols*

    (I'm thinking of pitching this to Jay Leno's script writers.)

  38. Save the Bob Saget impersonation for the 90's thread.

  39. Never heard of Space Hog, shall check it out this afternoon.

    Joy Division, and Echo I can't say I have listened to comprehensively, but what I have wasn't my personal cup of tea. Whilst I can acknowledge the importance of the influence, and what they were doing, and indeed the many beans that have derived a lot from them, including many of my favourite bands, I personally didn't enjoy it much.

    There, was that a suitable response?

    Same for't th'artics. Some of its catchy stuff, but I never really got into it, but I do do a parody of a th'artics song once, called 'shitstorm' think it was on 4-track though, I'll see if I can dig it out.

  40. beans eh? Well whilst I can't deny that many beans could well have been influenced by Joy Division and Echo, I personally, meant to say 'bands'.

  41. All a little too Northern for your taste huh?


  42. Yeah, fecking pie eating, whippet loving, sheep sh*****g, chirpy gets, Wash my hands of it mate!

  43. It is a little've had some of the best bands ever right in your back yard and all of 'em get on your nerves.

  44. I was born in a sewer, but I stare at the stars!

  45. I might be inclined to agree today...seein' how I've had This Charming Man stuck in my head all afternoon. I have no idea why...I haven't heard that song in years. Driving me insane.

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