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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dino Dan's Mom Get's Naked... the shower I reckon. Maybe at the doctor's.

The last couple of day's this blog has been deteriorating like a victim in one of those super-virus horror movies.

With one exception...the infamous, Bring Me the Head of Dino Dan! You can click on the link below if your's at the top of the Most Popular Post where it will remain unless I can actually produce naked pictures of Din Dan's mom.*

You see a lot of the, anywhere from 15 to 50, page views the post gets in a day are from searches like Dino Dan Annoying, I Hate Dino Dan, Dino Dan and Mental Illness, Why Don't the Dinosaurs Eat Dino Dan, etc.; however, none of em come close to Dino Dan's Mom is Hot.

Variations on that search hit this site bunches.

Martha has a theory about the preferences of these searchers. In her defense the only visitor to ever fessup turned out to be a lady with a girlfriend.

Well yesterday somebody got here by searching Dino Dan's Mom Naked.

Now we just sit back and watch.

*Just for perspective...the second most popular post on this site is Deadman's Shoes Fish Tank. It has been opened 131 times. Dino Dan has been opened 3,091 times.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Radio Grown Folks - "Get Up Daddy...

I wanna hear some Bo Diddley."

He'd hauled himself up on to the bed rail by grabbing my arm. Then he pulled the pillow off my face, I turned toward him and with his nose almost touching mine he says..."COME ON."

That's how my day started. That is my son.

The morning's play list....for your joy and enlightenment.

As're welcome but, thank The Boy.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bring Me the Head of Dino Dan

...somebody needs to take a look in there.

Every parent with small children probably harbors a certain amount of resentment towards the crap they're forced to watch with their kids.

I can't be the only one that's tried to report Dora and Diego to INS...or follows the Fresh Beat Band on Twitter hoping that today's the day they announce they're splitting up...or fantasized about slipping onto the set of Blue's Clues and spiking Steve's coffee with amphetamines...can I?

Of course, they're not all bad. My sister loves the Backyardagins and I'll probably keep watching Jack's Big Music Show long after the Boy has given up on it.

Good or bad, they all have their issues. Oswald is an acid-trip through a zoo in West Hollywood...those eggs aren't brothers. Speaking of drugs...have you seen Yo Gaba Gaba?

There's one though that has 'em all beat...Dino Dan.

Dino Dan is about a mentally disturbed kid that see's dinosaurs all the time, and everywhere. He has a psychotic obsession with dinosaurs that was certainly brought on when his paleontologist father abandoned the family. His Momma has concocted this cock-eyed story that he's away at a conference...a conference in Barbados with his last T.A. I guess she's done this for two she's still holding out hope he'll come back...two, so Dan doesn't rightly blame himself for running his father off.

If this kid was any more annoying he'd be a hemorrhoid. All day long he berates people...his friends, his teachers, his little brother...with facts and anecdotes about whatever dinosaur he's seen that day on the playground, in the garage, behind the toilet. Everybody stops whatever they're doing and hangs on his every if they actually care...or, more likely, they're afraid for their lives. Dan's not the kinda kid you want having bad memories of you when he becomes a teenager and discovers FPS video games.

Obviously...obviously Dan is a kid desperate to have some connection with his absent father. One can only shudder to imagine where all this is headed after he reaches puberty. If you want me to watch, show me the scenes of Dan's mother meeting with the school me the conversations between Dan's buddies and their parents about why he can't sleep me his pharmacist feverishly at work.

All of this is completely lost on the Boy and all he sees is dinosaurs.

"I'na watch another Dino Dan...Dino Dan...Dino Dan...I'na watch Dino Dan."

What can I say to 'im...but, the truth is I'd rather have a monkey hammer thumb tacks into my forehead with a 2x4 than watch five more minutes of that crap.