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Showing posts with label Erik Hates on The Cold. Show all posts

Monday, November 28, 2011

Fuel Level Low

It's raining today...a dripping mist really.

Sky's like a dirty dish rag.

It's cold (40 or 50...yeah Adam I know). That's our winter.

I pulled out of the drive this morning with no gas. I didn't know that 'til the truck started beepin' at me...beep, "time to go stand out in the mucky air," beeep, "clean the passenger floor board out," beeeeep, "roll your eyes and mutter because the pump's so slow, "beeeeeeeep." I hate to stop for gas. I just put it out of my mind until it can't be avoided. It's a reminder of just how high maintenance these machines are. I love what the car means. I go when I want and, in my wown peice of property, I conquer time and space. Plus, I can stop for coffe and a square whenever I feel like it; however, I hate the object itself...or maybe it's being forced to ponder the car's limitations that I hate.

Of course, that attitude leads to poor upkeep...which leads to more mechanical problems...which only fuels my purple, bleeding, hatred of the thing. It's a bulletproof cycle...the only way to avoid what I hate is to do what I hate. So why bother?

If I had the money...I'd pay somebody to sneak onot the drive at night and fill it up with gas while I slept.

I don't have that kinda bread though so...beeeep. I'm husslin' to get to the gas station. Probably the exact opposite of what you should do but, you try fightin' the urge. I knew it was bad too because the light came on yesterday..and I ignored it. Now I'm trying to make up for lost time but, there's a problem.

It's wet...and when it's wet the driver in these parts has one of two reactions. Either they take it as a sign of the Rapture and slow to a crawl..I guess in order to minimize the damage that will occurr once they disappear from the car...or in sheer terror they drive like hell to find dry land.

You're movin along at 80 miles an hour. That means that the car in front of you doing 30 miles an hour...hands at 10 and 2, chin jutted out above the steering wheel...just appears in your windshield. You can either slam on the breaks or pass 'im. That's when a streak screams past on the left...a hole in the mist. This must be what it's like driving from one deminsion to another.

I came out the other end at the Shell Station on Watkins. Suspiciously there were open pumps. I thought I might make it to work on time after all...'til I reached in my back pocket and realized I didn't have my wallet. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHH.

A quick call to the office and then back into the wormhole to risk my life on vapors...

I survived and I made it home to retrieve my wallet...even made it to the gas station where I got the tank about half full before I completely lost patience with the pump. Which means I'll have to fill up again tomorrow on the way to Baton Rouge...:grindsteeth:.

How did I manage all that before 8:30 this did I keep it all together? With a lot of this...

at full blast.

It's about the only thing that suites this crap weather.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

End of Days?

I don't want to alarm y'all but something strange has happened to the sky. It's gone a soft grey color.

I don't remember ever seeing anything like it and I'm not sure what it could mean...looks ominous.

I can't see the sun. There are patches here and there of illuminous white but no sun.

This is creepy.

I hate to do this but I'm afraid it's necessary. After talking with one our regular readers this weekend :coughthesistercough: I'm worried that my posts are sometimes confusing.

There isn't actually anything wrong with the's just clouds. The above is just a little joke about how we've had the same bright day for months not panic.

Hopefully, the post hasn't been deemed too wordy...and the reader :coughsistercough: was able to make it to the explanation...and isn't hiding under the dining room table.

P.S. Nat...don't you dare say a word about Breaking Bad. We haven't seen it yet.