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Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Eraser

Ladies and Gentlemen I present for your consideration Reggie Nelson, The Eraser.

Y'all know I don't need much of an excuse (read any) to start posting Gator and SEC football clips, but this particular post is thanks to Natetin. He mentioned sports drinks.

What? You don't see the necessity of that leading to football clips?

Truth is it takes an effort every day not to post SEC football clips...besides this one's got LL Cool J.


  1. Football - or as you call it in the US, "soccer" - in the UK is a sport where men don't touch the balls with their hands, only just their feet. Unless it's a foul. Admittedly in rugby they do, but that's a different matter. Just saying.

  2. Except, of course, the goalkeepers, but they usually wear gloves.

  3. Still you do have Rugby Football clubs.

    American football came about around the time that the rules for Football and Rugby were being separated and sorted out. College Football in America is about as old as the Association Rules.

    We may have to explore this further...much to Adam's chagrin he's heard it all before, but it would make for an interesting post.

  4. I have to point out that...even against Vanderbilt...the nonchalant way that he blocks that punt at the end it dumbfounding...I've never seen anybody waltz into a punt like that. He could have snatched it between the drop and the kick.

    I was there for that one.

  5. I don't watch football like ever but this had LL Cool J! And I live in Florida! So, obviously I approve.

    Plus that guy was hitting other peopel awful hard. That was the point, right?

  6. Yes ma'am that was the point indeed. Man he was good.

    I'd watch a video of jabba the hut gettin' a full body wax if it had LL Cool J in it.