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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Karaoke Queen

If you're a long time reader you will have noticed the recent silence of The Sister. She's been on a soft boycott of the blog ever since I told everybody she used to live in Pearl.

While the absence of insults has been pleasant I'm gonna go ahead and buckle...say something nice. It's for the boy. He was hurt when his aunt didn't comment on his smokin' guitar licks...I tried to tell him that it didn't mean she didn't love him, but...the little fella was just crushed.


The sister is not without talents. As y'all know she has an artist's flair for telling people to kiss, stuff, and shut things...and she has the power to sniff out demons.

She's also a superstar at the Karaoke. Below is a still and some audio from one of her classic sets.


For those of you who may not know...this what the sister's on about.



  1. Flippin' fantastic!!! By far the fo-shizzle!

  2. You mean the part about you breakin' BB's heart or about the part that featured you?

  3. It is obvious that your friends overseas have no appreciation for the Bed Intruder. No wonder America is superior.

  4. what is there to possibly add, we can only look on in envy.

  5. Submit yourself to the Bed Intruder, Adam. That's the first step in gaining our desired acceptance.

  6. Did you just tell Adam to submit to the Bed Intruder???


    This post has officially gone pear-shaped.

  7. Aw I dunno, he's prolly not so bad. I like the part were he got into bed with her first... poor lad prolly just after a cuddle.

  8. You guys wanna see what the motherland has to offer? Watch it and weep!

  9. Great...laugh it up.

    None of you actually have to worry about ray-guns.

  10. Never underestimate the Muslamic infidels and their Ray-guns!

    The original for your viewing pleasure.

  11. My bad, I wanted Adam to submit to Antoine Dodson. Sorry for the confusion. How he spends his time with Bed Intruders is his business.

  12. Yeah that clears everything up.

    Let somebody put some Ray-Guns up in my koontrray and see what happens...the **** will be on.