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Monday, April 1, 2013

Travels and Frustrations.

This week, like most weeks starts in Jackson.

It will end, Lord willing, right back here in Jackson. Between then and now, I will be in Ocean Springs tonight (just right of the bottom most I-10 sign)...back to Jackson tomorrow evening. Then I'll head up to Greenwood in the Delta (follow 49 north from Jackson)...From there I'll get up on Thursday morning and drive to Memphis (straight up 55). 

Last week I was on the North Shore in Slidell...down in New Orleans...Westbank.

I happen to love this song so,...enjoy but, for our purposes the video is what matters. The opening scenes are the very sorts of places that I work. The curb stores and groceries that are written about here...the neighborhoods.

Of course, if you're interested you'll have to get direct from Youtube...I've never come across a video that was so hard to access. It's certainly in keeping with general frustration I'm having with technology lately.

I haven't necessarily been avoiding the blog but, the Reader issue and the fact that I'm getting 300 visits a  day...150 of which are irritating. Part of that, I have deduced, is because Dino Dan has come to the UK...that thread's gone back up to 100 visits a day almost all from the British Isles. The others are from the Ukraine and Laos...Indonesia.

It's killing my buzz man.


  1. Technology issues or not this dubious English visitor will keep checking in :) Never heard of Dino Dan, or Baby Boy Da Prince, I am going to fall down a you tube hole...there are worse ways to pass the time!

    Drive safe

    1. I love that song.

      Dino Dan is an obnoxious little punk that wont shut up about dinosaurs...he sees them everywhere.

  2. What happens when you run of of places, in North America,to visit?

  3. Well, in six years of travel ling across Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama...there are still places in these states I've never seen. I've been going to Georgia all my life and know almost nothing about the northern part of the state. I spent 4 months in South Carolina but that was locked down on an army base. I was born in North Florida and return there every year but still find surprises. Outside of Memphis and a couple of SEC football stadiums I've seen all of Tennessee anybody needs to. I haven't spent barely enough time in North Carolina, parts of Virginia and East Texas...the rest of it I couldn't give a fig about :).

  4. Ef you sound like a true road warrior. People don't always get that we don't do it just for the job. But for the amazing places we find and the even more amazing people we meet.

    I miss the road a lot but my last travels took me places I have never been, and the whole idea of being away again is exciting.

    As for the dubious site numbers I found one of the web crawlers was doing it and I have no idea why its seen as a visitor. Analytic s certainly doesn't show them. When I turned off the advertising I noticed its hits vanished which was good.

    1. I do love it.

      One thing about this job is that I don't do much driving at night which is something I've always enjoyed.

      Y'all I think we may have to shut this one down and start over.

    2. "Y'all I think we may have to shut this one down and start over."

      I really hope you're not talking about Flimsy Cups here!

      As for spam comments, you could just change your Blogger settings so we commenters have to prove we're human beings by recognising a few letters before our comments are posted. It's mildly annoying the first couple of times, but we'll get over that quick enough. This is really simple for you to do. (Having had a bumper spam comment day today myself, I'm thinking of doing the same thing over on my own blog.)

      I've asked a web savvy friend if he has any answers to your RSS feed not working conundrum and I'll let you know if he comes up with anything.

      Anyway, I hope I misinterpreted your comment. Hell, you're practically a vital service, e.f.! Anyhow, if you do decide to set up shop elesewhere on Blogger, transferring all your posts across is a doddle. (As you're a libertarian, I probably shouldn't be interfering - just can't help myself!)

    3. Oh man...if I did start another one I'd leave this one up and the next one would just be a continuation of the same nonsense.

      I didn't mean to suggest I would bin this one.

      I don't mind the spam but the lack of an updated blog reader has lead to a decline in actual visits...which has lead to me coming by less (and missing some of y'all's posts). It's sapping the fun...we have to have the fun.

      Maybe I'll make the other one invite only (you're all invited of course)...lock it up and start talking trash about my family.


  5. One of these days I'm going to fly over there and hitch a lift from you! I'd love to see (and feel!) these places for real, but need your local knowledge, do you reckon you double up as a grass roots tour guide some day? I'll buy the cheese straws :-)

    Meanwhile of course Flimsy Cups is the next best thing but I'm so pissed off that you don't appear in my Blogger updates. It's just not the same without you :-(

    I took that stupid Captcha thingy off mine too, as I find it a pain typing it in other people's blogs, especially those bloody house numbers which look as if they've been photographed from ten streets away, in fog... with an underwater an inebriated... zebra. I get more spam but it just makes me laugh. Poetry!

    1. Ha. I may have to do that ma'am....after the ass chewin I got today. To be sure, I brought some of it on myself....I'm good about that. I just didn't realize how little the owners knew about what I'm doing. The fella I work under has obviously not told them anything.

      So while the people I work with every day, and my (friendly competition) think one thing...the people that the check think something else all together.

      Like I said, I helped bring it on myself. Oops.

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    1. You are quite welcome. We're full of recommendations around here.

      Don't be a stranger.

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