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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Booger Loves Sissy

delta 039

I want our resident expert on the anthropology of emotions to explain this expression of Love as anything but Mystery and Truth.

Satartia, Mississippi is a collection of houses around a cotton gin in the Delta. There's a couple of churches and a Grocery...

delta 041
(These are the places that The Shed with it's Christmas lights and license plates is trying to emulate. You can buy some staples and honeybuns, bait, and cokecolas in these places but, they're more like social halls. They serve meals and coffee...local musicians will play outside or in if there's a dance floor...pool tables, etc. .)

The place is owned by a woman that seemed perfectly sane but run by two young women who are crazy as outhouse rats (they insisted that they were Booger and Sissy)...I barely got out of that place without a mark.

It was one of the funnest calls I've been on in a long time.

Before you get to Satartia, comin' from Jackson, you gotta pass by Bentonia...

delta 029

Home of the Blue Front Cafe and Skip James...

I wish I'd gotten a picture of the two convicts being hauled up to the top of a flag pole to change light the bucket of an excavator.

I spent the rest of the day gettin' further into The Delta...

more art 002
(Allan II)

Holly Bluff, Delta Grocery...where the owner has a cast iron cross from a Confederate grave that must be almost 150 years old. It was surrounded by rattlers that had been taken off snakes he'd killed.

A Grocery in Mayerville with a shag Budweiser rug nailed to wall over the dance floor.

Glen Allen on Lake Washington...where things are slow goin'.

delta 044

My last stop was in Leland. It's home to it's share of Blues players but, it's also the birthplace of...

delta 047

Time to start day two...Greenwood, Ita Bena, Morehead, Indianola, etc.

The Title has been ISBW keenly observed "who calls themselves bogger?" :)

At first I thought it was a typo...but I did it twice.


  1. I'm sure it would be far more fascinating to hear why God made him do it. :@) (I also think he's Booger)

    Hey Allan II is good, really. Something a bit off with the top left, but I would hang that in my house.

    Truth, or truth. You pick

  2. I'm opting for 'Booger' as well. I mean, whoever would call themselves 'Bogger'?? Either way, he's a true romantic. When a chap paints your name on the side of a dumpster, he's basically letting you know that his love goes as deep as the deepest landfill, and it radiates the methane of romance.

    These photos and descriptions are all like location shots for a remake of 'Badlands' (not that it will ever, EVER be remade, being perfect already.). Fabulous stuff.

  3. I bet Sissy's Moma don't think it was GOD that made him do it...:)

    Thank you sir...think of the left side as a kinda Halo on an Icon. I don't know. I can't decide whether I love this one or hate it. I think I love it.

    Badlands! I thought I had my Netflix plans for the night but it's not streaming ******ds!

    I forgot to mention the tree-trimmer in Satartia. An old wiry six-foot tall fella with white hair down to the small of his back...wearin' a helmet with a face shield, carryin' a pair of bolt cutters.

    The girls said he just walks around cuttin' the limbs off of trees.

    "He steals people's branches."

    He had a little dog followin' him around.

  4. Here i am reading about Miss. and enjoying the pictures from your road trips, then a madman threw in a painting called Allan #2. Like you were trying to get something by the readers that follow this blog. I do like the painting, one of my favorites so far. I see the critics are molding you into a fine artist.

    I have thought about being an artist myself. My works will be started but never finished. How can the art world judge me then? Maybe that will be my art, unfinished masterpiece #17.

    Reminds me of the time we went to the art museum. There was some lady moving closer then farther away from this painting. Taking her glasses off like she was in deep thought over this so called masterpiece. A canvas painted in blue paint. Anyone with a roller and a can of blue paint could of done it. This lady was trying to find the meaning of the universe in it. I just laughed at her, thinking the artist just got over on the art world with this one.

  5. Meant to say, I'm very impressed by Allan 2. It's like you painted a migraine (and I mean that as a compliment.).

  6. Thank you Ma'am...that canvas particular canvas was giving me a migraine so I guess it worked out.

    Y'all should know that Mazes one great contribution to the art world was a decoupage piece that consisted almost entirely of cut outs from the lingerie pages of a JC Penny's catalog.