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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dixie Holds It's Breath...

...the entire U.S. is holding it's breath.

LSU and Alabama kick off in less than 10 minutes...for the biggest football game that I can remember in 38 years.

Tickets were going for 10,000 bucks...though you could get a volume deal at 4 for 22 grand. Bryant Denny Stadium holds over 100 thousand and some estimates are saying there will be double that outside of the stadium...just to be there.

Mazes just called me to ask about the game...and y'all know how jealous he is of the SEC.

It's not normal for me to post twice in one day but, this is not a normal day.

The **** is on y'all.

Trent Richardson is a Grown Man.

Full Grown.

Right on cue LSU backs him up.

No Good...wide right.

Bama stunned Em for a second there but LSU bowed up.

There's Jefferson....he's gotta play tonight against those blitzes.

Williams is an Australian...that's at least two out there.

He was open but ifhe'd have caught that ball he would have been blown to atoms by the safety.

Speaking of Australians...wing is ridiculous. It's like he's swingin' a nine iron.

Just when it looks like they got 'Em stopped...penalty was stoopid though.

They can forget about the lateral run game.

Another field goal attempt...Missed again.

Uh oh...that hurts.

McCarron put there but Claiborne made an outstanding play on the ball.

End of the first 0 - 0. what you might expect from two of the best defenses in all of football.

DA*N! Mazes what would Trent Richardson do to the Colts defense?

Kickin again...wt....BLOCKED!

That's a wash on the turnover.


That Wing kid may be the best punter since Guy. There's gonna be a lot of furious Australians if the SEC starts cherry picking some of their best players. I don't know what Australian Rules Football pays but it can't be as much as the SE....I mean NFL.

Even Mary-Cathcart has come into the living room to watch the game.

It takes five men to tackle Richardson and LSU usually has six there but when they don't...that's what happens.

Are they gonna try and kick it again??


Alabama 3 - LSU 0

I thought Kirkpatrick had screwed em there for a minute...but they held it.

Alabama 3 - LSU 3 Halftime.

Every bit as good as advertised.

Now we'll see if Jefferson can make a difference.

Even though the play lost two yards it got an ooh out of Martha.

Upshaw is a monster.

If not for the penalty that would have been real trouble. I feel for Lee.

Bama gets another three points off the interception.

Alabama 6 - LSU 3.

This is a solid drive. They need it. They're only down three but in this game first downs are like touchdowns.

That's how you defend the option...textbook.

So much for the drive.

Oh my...oh man...that's a serious mistake.

Fourth Quarter.

Alabama 6 - LSU 3 but LSU's in field goal range after the interception.

Tie ball game.

Alabama 6 - LSU 6.

That was a great stop by Bama. These defenses are
Mind boggling.

What a can't stop him all night. Just punishing people.

They gon' have to have another look at that.


Nicks and scrapes are starting to show.

Alabama could get the win and Richardson the Heisman on this drive.

Of course, he gets blown up by Taylor on the next play.

Beckham's return negated by a stoopid penalty on Kirkpatrick...who's still down. That was just Idiotic.

Under four minutes...LSU's movin the ball. This may be the game.

End of regulation...Alabama 6 -LSU 6.


Alabama gets the ball first.

LSU backs Em's on the kicker. No freaking Good!

All LSU has to do is keep it in the middle of the field and kick a short field goal.

Oh crap...he stepped out. Bama hanging by a thread.

This is it.

LSU WINS IT!!! 9 - 6.

What a ball game. There is no hype in this league.


  1. Damn kickers go play soccer!

  2. How do you get a LSU grad off your porch?

    Pay for the pizza and shut the door.

  3. What do you call a LSU football player in a three piece suit?

    The defendant.

  4. The Academic Pentathalon is on the Discovery Channel if that's what your lookin for.

  5. Alabama between the tackles all night long.

  6. Better that than trying to get around the edge...that ain't gonna happen.

  7. Damn he needs to try and kick it form the sideline to get that that thing thru , WIDE RIGHT!!!!

  8. Colts have a defense?? didn't know. 0-3 field goals. Special teams starting to become story of this game.

  9. A better question might be what would the colts do with him in the backfield. They'll at least have the option of drafting him.

  10. I feel a score is going to be put up on this drive.

  11. Oh my another field goal attempt coming up. Four is the magic number.

  12. If he would of missed that field goal he would of had to find a new place to live.

  13. He may still need to if Alabama loses this game by a point.

  14. Those refs are gonna have to find some way to sneak out of town.

  15. Three to two if it was soccer. OUT

  16. beautiful, beautiful game. hated the end result, but give les miles his due. bastard's lucky nobody else has a kicker!

    anyhow, can anyone on this blog explain to me WHY the SEC expands by adding (WHAT?!?) Missouri? what does that ADD to the league? what possible benefit is there?

    at least a&m has some tradition. granted, they stink on the field...but i can at least see SOME benefit. but missouri? REALLY? it's so absurd as to be unbelievable.

    (plus the fact that we now have THREE tiger mascots in the same conference? mizzou should be forced to change, at the very least)

  17. Purest football game I've ever was glorious.

    I can't imagine the funk that must be hovering over Tuscaloosa today though.

    Missouri...on the one hand, all you have to do is go to Vicksburg or Grand Gulf and see just how many Missourians died trying to defend this place and you want to give them a pass but, on the just doesn't feel right.

    At least it wasn't those blue bellied turncoats west virginia.