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Monday, January 16, 2012

Party Time!

Despite the wishes and best efforts of the Sister* and the bookies...39 today and Counting!

Deal with it!

I got a text from her late last night...all it said was "Bite my Butt." I try to be a loving brother and this is the thanks I get.


  1. Happy Birthday squire. Suns out today over here, that must be it! Hope you have a cracker!

  2. You're welcome.

    My birth was positioned to save you all from the most depressing day of the year.

    Thank you sir.

  3. 39. A magnificent age. Old enough to know stuff, and young enough to put it into practice.

    Welcome to your Prime, Mister!

  4. Happy Birthday! Many happy returns. But not too many. Just the right amount and a few spares.

  5. Hey brother...good to see you over here and thank you for the very careful way in which you have issued your well wishes.

    Make yourself at home.

  6. 39! You wee nipper!
    Mind you - 40 next... you not feeling the fear?? Cos it gallops in after that (she said, adjusting her bi-focals and checking the zimmer frame). Just think - incontinence pads and mushy food will be yours in no time at all...
    Happy Birthday e.f. (she said with true happy feeling)...x

  7. Thank you kindly ma'am.

    No fear, at least, at this point. I'd rather be 40 than repeat 20 again.

    I don't know if it's just me or a general thing with certain people my age but, I grew up around a bunch of baby-boomer adults. They made such asses of themselves trying to deny their age...trying to deny, and in the process denying themselves of, the natural stages of life and constantly intruding on the space that should naturally be yielded to the next round of folks...i don't want any part of that nonsense.

    Of course, that's easy to say when you're so good that if you were any better you'd have to be twins.


    1. Yeah - and me too e.f. Who in their right mind would be 20 again!! Said as much when at the pub on Sat a drunken haze and laughing at my daughter and her pals and all their hang-ups...
      40 is not so bad. Strangely I am fascinated by the thought of 50 - seems to me that 50 is a very grown-up type of age and that I really ought to be an adult by that time...
      And of course you are just perfect. If you were chocolate you'd eat yourself (as my old Maw says)...x

    2. You are too kind.

      I think the true measure of a man is in the company he keeps so....

    3. Jees, get a room you two. You should know not to be nice to him Muj, it only makes things worse!

    4. I hate this new reply thing...I totally missed this though I'm not surprised.

      Haytas gon hate.

    5. Dodo...I was finally able to get on yer blog tonight.

      Lots of good stuff.

      I'mma have to create some links...all because yer too precious to have a crappy blogspot like the rest of us.

    6. Heh heh, go ahead, Gonna get back in the Co-Op this week now we are back in some sorta routine, and see if we can get some work done on some of them songs.

      Want to get 10-20 songs worked out, and the best ones properly demoed this year. :-) There is some funky stuff coming along.

  8. Happy birthday! If you were in Australia you'd have a summer birthday, which is nice, except for the being in Australia part.

  9. Thank you. Thank you.

    It wouldn't be a bad deal...I hate even the mild winters we get here.

  10. Happy birthday (and so sorry to be a day late)! Yes, you're still a young'un... I think 60 is the new 40 these days so by the time YOU get to 60 it'll be the new 20. And then you'll have the best of both worlds, all that wisdom and experience and mellowness we don't have at 20 but you'll still be thought of as youthful... It's sounding good, isn't it? Many happy returns.

  11. Thank C.

    You aren't late you're just keeping the party goin.

    If this keeps up I'll 10 when it's time to go. :)

  12. Happy Birthday, Damn you are getting old.

  13. Happy Birthday mate, know its a couple days late, but im sure you can forgive me. I reach the same milestone myself in a couple months.

  14. Thanks fella.

    You are all free to wish me happy 39th for another 363 days.

  15. Speaking of being late with the. Well wishes...where in the skating rink is Nat. Parsons can you contact Strangeways? See if he's there.

  16. Hmm, I did a call last week from a withheld number but I made no sense so I ignored it. cut out, was a bit mubly but heres the bits I got. Went along the lines of:

    .... 'boot of a ford cortina'... 'high on meth and crab paste sandwiches'... 't-off for every hour your late'... 'p-me obi-wan kenobi your my only hope'

    Prolly aughta done something bout that really?

  17. You still can't go to the academy this year...

  18. Guess I'll just drink my Blue milk and go pick up some power converters then...