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Monday, May 9, 2011

Rotten Egg and Freckles

Me and Martha slipped off this weekend...about 5 miles down the celebrate our 13th anniversary.

Initially we made plans to go down to Natchez but then it looked like it might flood so...we decided to stay somewhere in Jackson. The main thing was to separate Martha from the temptation to do chores..didn't really matter where it was.

We dropped the boy off at The Sister's around 3 on Saturday and we were off...Freedom. We spent the first couple of hours lounging on the couch watching 88 Hours and talking about how we'd still be driving if we'd gone to Natchez.

Had a scrumptious meal that night at Mint. The world doesn't need a cokecola y' needs some Duck Nachos from Mint.

To be continued...I was trying to save it and I hit the wrong *&((*&&* button.

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