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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas...Cops and Doctors

More idiocy from me with the blogger. I just started writting when somehow I clicked the publish tab.

I'm just gonna write it out in the open...editing and all...piece by piece. You'll have to stay tuned.

I woke up this morning around 4am to giggling..almost belly laughs. I knew it wasn't Martha. She makes a different noise when she's sleeping. It had to be the big man.

"Boy what are you laughin' at?"


"Hey man."

Nothing. He was asleep...joker was laughin' in his sleep.

Just I was falling back out when he starts moanin.

" ear hurts get a qtip Daddy."

It seemed like a better idea than wakin his Momma up so, I got some qtips and gently poked around his ear.

"It's not workin Daddy." How could waving a qtip and muttering over an infection not have worked to kill it.

"Imma go to the doctor. Imma tell Dr. Storey."

"You'll get your chance son but, right now the best thing you can do is go back to sleep."

So I laid with him til he got comfortable enough to fall out...and then got up to make some coffee. His Momma was already in the kitchen. I don't know what time it was...dark. Every since the Boy came along our day begins and ends two or three hours earlier than it used to. It's been three years and the fog still hasn't lifted. It's a struggle to get going in the morning and a struggle to stay awake at night.

"The Boy's got an ear ache."

"I heard...I'll call the doctor's office when he gets up."

Having done my part. It was Christmas Eve and time for me to start thinking about Christmas shopping.

I'm strugglin' y'all. I've practically had the office to myself all day and nothin' to do but, I can't get it together. After spending the last three days mocking and laughing at all the sick people in my house...seems it's my turn.

I feel like I have a pine cone wedged under my left eye and against the bridge of my nose...I think I've gone deaf in my left ear. My mouth and throat feel like I've been sucking on a sandpaper lozenge.

Feel sorry for me y'all.

I think I'm just sick of looking at this's the abbreviated version.

The Boy woke up...Martha called the Dr.

"Come on in."

The Boy was disappointed that Dr. Storey wouldn't be there...maybe he wanted to ask her why he toots so much again.

"She's with her's Christmas Eve. Dr. McSomething will do a good job."

The Sister comes to pick up my Daddy to take him Christmas shopping.

Martha and the Boy leave.

I take a shower and leave. I've barely gotten out of the drive when I get a text from Martha...

"Just an ear infection."

That was good news. Even though he seemed fine there's always a part of me that worries when he goes to the Doctor. I'm the one that was with him when he was running laps in halls and sweet talking nurses for suckers...just before the Dr. diagnosed him with the pneumonia. that was off my mind. Just as I get the car parked in front of my first stop...the phone rings. It was the security company...

"We have a signal coming from your front door. Do you want us to send the police?"


My Daddy had set off the gave the warning when he came in but, he can't hear nothing higher pitched than an 808 kick drum.

It was all very funny and involved a lot of back and forth between me and Martha, me and the security company, cops that took so long to show up we were able to cancel the call (we just pay for the services where we live...we don't receive them).

The highlight of that day's shopping was a text from the Sister...

"Medium to Large...she's STACKED!"

Martha and the Boy were too sick for, we rode around looking at Christmas lights.


the end


  1. A very merry Christmas to you and yrs good sir!

  2. A very merry, healthy, and loud Christmas to you too buddy.

  3. Oh no! Haha! We kind of had something similar happen (four kids and all), so we attempted to drive around looking at Christmas lights as a last resort type thing, and my oldest gets car sick and vomits everywhere. Aaarrgh! Haha! Hope you had a Merry Christmas and all the very best for the new year!

  4. I think the biggest oh no turned out to be this post.

    Everybody's had their turn being sick but at least no one's gotten sick in the car yet. :)

    Hope y'all had a good one too.

  5. Hope you're all hale and hearty again by now, and that you eventually managed to blow that pine cone out your nose. Don't post a photo of it though.

  6. I never had a sinus infection in my life until a couple of years they're a regular occurrence.

    My Daddy was the last man standing but we just got back from the drug store on his account. Hopefully he can knock it.

    I hope you and your's are doin alright over there.

  7. My blooming blogger has taken agin you and won't register you in my reader.

    I hate that I've missed this...I have some serious catching up to do.

    I thought you'd gone quiet so popped by to see what you were up to.

    Happy new year too and do hope your little one is well now, SP

  8. i guess you'll just have to start coming by everyday.

    Mine's doing the same thing SP. Your picture pops in and out of the followers too.

    There's a couple from the same time I started following your's that do the same thing.

    The Big Man is good thank you...Happy New Year and your's too.