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Sunday, May 6, 2012

April in Parts


I seen a little too much of the road in April...even for me. From Memphis to Gulfport...New Orleans almost to Texas around Leesville...Tupelo to Pascagoula just this side of Alabama...


Then there was Bude with this joker while a couple of good'ns dug around under my hood.

I logged so many miles last month that I drove right through my own wallet. In fact it was the unscheduled...last minute as a stand in for my boss...trip to Ft Polk, Louisiana that not only blew up my water pump but my gas allowance as well. can't get from Bude to Ft. Polk without going through little Ferriday, Louisiana. Home of this force...

...and his cousin.

A kinda force in his own right.

It should come as no surprise that both men grew up in the same house holds and churches...

Shocking that you'll find a group in the same theological neighborhood that has banned all dancing of any kind any where...Shocking.

I'm gettin' distracted here...Before you get to Ferriday, or Louisiana for that matter, you gotta cross the river at Natchez.


  1. He lost it chasin' a car...He still chases cars.


  2. Ouch on the water pump total PIA as far as I am concered. Chasing cars will always end in tears. When I was younger my father did farm milk collection dogs would run under and between the wheels of the truck. He used to kill around 2 dogs a year that way :(

  3. Y'all don't weep for that dog...he ain't missed a lick and there's less of 'im for the fleas to get after.

  4. thanks for the road trippin' heads up

    1. You're welcome Ms. Whitney...even if they didn't pay me I'd burn rubber just for the amusement of my lovely readers.

      Welcome to the party...make yourself at home.