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Monday, May 7, 2012

April. More Parts


There's a lot you should know about Natchez but for now it's enough to know that Fat Mama is there...


Which is exactly where I headed as soon as the car was back on the road...see Spliff, I told you there'd be food.


I don't think I've ever eaten there without burning my fingers...I just can't hold back.

But even better than that...Natchez is the birthplace of Hound Dog Taylor...

We haven't traveled 60 miles between these fellas....and 100 miles back you get to Jackson.

All roads lead back to Jackson...and that's where you'll find the tap root of Taylor's inspiration...or at least you would have back in the 50's.

Elmore James....

will crush you.

A lot of folks from this town could.

From Sweetness... Eudora Welty.

I could listen to them two talk all day...especially after the young lady gets over her nervousness and the accent settles. It's a treat to hear actual Southern accents on tape...these are two precious Mississippi examples.

I mean it's not Paul Newman and Elizabeth Taylor but...


  1. Good thing there's about a billion miles between you and it...a definite no no for now.

  2. I've always wished I was born in the south so that I could have grown up speaking like that. I'll just have to settle for faking it with "y'all" and "might could."

    1. Hey Ash...welcome.

      My favorite Southern accent belongs to a young woman that wasn't born here...Mrs. Bartlam.

      She still has a bad habit of over enunciating...a habit she fosters. I know this because when she gets mad she sounds like Foghorn Leghorn. That can only mean that the default accent in her mind is Southern and she's pronouncing her gs out of spite. :)

      Really, after 15 years she has a very pleasant version of a Southern accent.

      Make you'self at home.

  3. Fantastic post. Made me dig out some Wolf so I could listen to Natchez Burning at stupid volume.