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Thursday, June 9, 2011


It's funny how the internet works. A woman in Brighton, England..the author of an outstanding blog*...made my supper plans for me on Monday night.**

That afternoon, I was on my way down to the Coast...

coast 003

I stopped in Magee to have a cup of coffee and kill some time on the blogger. When I got into my account I saw that she had a new post...another installment on her recent trip to California. During this particular leg she had finally gotten to eat something she had only heard about...pulled pork.

Normally when I'm down there I get a pizza from Newk's or a cheeseburger from Five Guys and take it back to the Law and Order clockwork. Not that night. Once the notion of pulled pork had been put into my head the only way I was gonna get it out was to eat some.

Lucky for me I'd be in D'iberville about 10 miles from Vancleave and this place

coast 022

The Shed.

coast 011

A ramshackle collection of buildings right off of Exit 57 on I-10 at the gate of a campgrounds...where they smoke hog and the wallpaper's green.

coast 010

The decor has almost reached the point of parody...almost. It's not a gag but, it's not really a country grocery either. Somebody's playin' a g'itar there most nights but, it's not the next Asie Payton. The place has been on T.V and they have a handful of locations now.

If the food wasn't good it would be a joke but, the food is good...

coast 012

The pork's got just enough of texture for you to put your teeth on it right before it melts into smokey butter. And that flippin potato salad is lights Corkey's without the bacon.

I've had better I reckon...Ubons comes to mind and Full Moon in Hoover, Alabama is my favorite (sadly the Tuscaloosa location was erased during last months Godzilla attack) but it definitely rates.

coast 013

It's like I'm afraid somebody's gonna try and take it.

Thanks ISBW...the meal was delicious.***

*The Blog is ishouldbeworking...and you should be reading it. I don't know how to do links but it's in my reading list. It's fantastic.

**I should also point out that Adam in Lancaster has..if you add it all up...has cost me about a weeks worth of work hours with his internet obstanence.

***I realize it's a little wacky to unpack things like this...I have analytical issues. Just be glad you aren't in my mind, along for the ride as I'm reading these nonsensical had written signs at restaurants all day....more on this later.


  1. Mister, you're a gent. And that pulled pork looks astounding.

    I wonder what would happen if I did a post about tripe? Any chance of inducing a craving for THAT?

    What's that I hear you say? WHAT'S TRIPE?? Well, it's the spongy lining of a cow's stomach, lightly bleached and cooked in milk with onions, or served raw with a cheeky little vinegar. The taste is out of this world, in that it's like nothing on earth. Diabolical.

  2. I try.

    Being cheap and easy to maintain (read...let them loose and forget about 'em til your hungry) The South has been overrun with pigs for centuries.

    We didn't invent bbq...just bbqing hogs.

    Pulled pork is a sacrament here (to be washed down with iced tea), I had about 1,000 options once the idea was put in my mind. I eat it about once a week.

    Had you mentioned Tripe...I reckon I could have gone and gotten some chitlins (chitterlings)...everything but the oink is eaten in this parts.

  3. I dunno what I did or if it was bad or good, but your welcome anyways.

    Mmm pulled pork... I think we need to get the slow cooker on, because it is one of those things, when you hear about it, you gotta have it... but don't forget the handmade coleslaw on top... gotta be!

  4. Arguing with me over the emails when I'm just innocently trying to have a conversation.


    It's funny about the Coleslaw...generally speaking there are two bbq camps...Memphis v. Carolina. Memphis is brown-sugar based sweet sauce. Carolina is vinegar based and tangy but, they both seemed to have a thing for coleslaw.

    Red Hot and Blue, out of Memphis, had stores down here and their sandwiches came with the stuff...and I think even desert in North Carolina comes with got it right.

    I'm not crazy about it...if the meat right I don't even need a lot of sauce and I can't handle raw cabbage. My Daddy loves the stuff on hot dogs...speaking of which we haven't talked about sausage or the true object of bbq fanaticism...RIBS.