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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Biographical Tid Bit #5

Once again, ,Satan sends his hand-puppet....


I was almost killed Saturday by this while looking for a golf ball.

The fact that I was one more three put from probably offing myself is besides the point.

It wasn't even my golf ball. As usual, always thinking of others...rarely thinking of myself, I was trying to help my partner locate his wayward t-shot.

Being selfless isn't easy...and it's obviously not without risk but, I won't be deterred.

I tried to post a the last time one of the devil's house pets tried to kill me...but obviously, Mrs. Perpetua, I am hopeless.


I've been waiting for Nat to chime in but...looks like he may be too chocked up. As a concession I have reprinted one of his all time classic posts. This came in response to pictures of a snake eating a frog....

Nay, not mildly; not a smidgen or a tad, but *HIGHLY* unnecessary - a deviant deviation; a violent violation; an abominable abomination!

Thank you.

That is all.

Let the matter rest here and no more be said of it as all that can be said of it has been said of it and it is now a matter forever closed. Good day to you Sir.

Forsooth man: let it be or be damned!



  1. Eeeeek! Glad you survived!

  2. Not hopeless, just shaken by your narrow escape! I bet you could edit this post and do the link if you reread my comment.

    Thank goodness we have no poisonous snakes in the UK. I'd never set foot out of doors....

    1. I'm gonna make another run at it...if for no other reason than to try and justify your faith in my ability to get it figured out.

      I need to attempt it soon though before a certain reader shows up to confirm that I am indeed hopeless...crushing what little confidence I have left.


  3. every time I start bemoaning the country of my birth I remember that we might have tons of rain and we like to queue a lot, but no killer snakes hiding out in the water. Plus we are getting an extra day off work this year for the Queens Golden Jubilee.

    Glad you spotted it before it took a bite out of you.

    1. That's a very good point about spotting it. In fact, there's another picture I forgot to post. I'll edit it in....along with the new links...shows just how hard it is to actually see these things.

      They probably had you surrounded when you were down here...and you didn't even know it. Do you know how gigantic them rattle snakes get in North Florida?

  4. Wow. Glad you're ok! I'd never survive out there - I'm too used to seeing various creepy crawly slimey creatures over here (I'm so fascinated by such beings - well, as long as they're not human) and just wanting to watch them and touch them. It'd take some adjusting...

    1. I should have put a disclaimer on the post...a warning. It can be harrowing for some... to consider how close they came to losing me...a dread that grows exponentially as they begin to ponder the aggregate loss for humanity as a whole. Sorry.


      Me and my father in law have this running conversation about snakes. They live on a big piece of land up north...where there are no poisonous snakes to speak of. In fact there really nothing in them woods up there to worry about. Anyway he'll get water snakes on his property and he's talked about how neat it would be for The Boy to see 'Em.

      My response...always the same response...not no but, ****** NO. I want that boy one response to snakes and only like hell and find somebody to kill it. There two youngins last year, that we knew of, who got bit by cottonmouths on their own property. One in his own garage.

  5. snakes are so cool but creepy. I had a very large constrictor wrapped around my shoulders during hose renovations at the ex's. Very cool to have a wild animal use you as a heating pad. Non venomous though. Have been chased across a paddock by a very venomous snake. It met its end courtesy of the 12 gauge shotgun I had in the truck (for such occasions).

    1. It kills me that one of the most venemous snakes in the world is referred to as "common" in Australia...every time they do those deadliest snakes list...the Common Brown Snake is always toward the top.

    2. Whats even stranger us I don't think there us an uncommon. You want snakes Aussie is the place to be. Tiger snakes are very aggressive if they don't want you around they will chase you.

      Browns are dangerous though very very hard to see and very easy to step on particularly in stubble after the harvest. The snakes love the harvest as it stirs up all the quail , nice easy feed.

  6. You need to move to a country where the animals are mainly fluffy and exclusively non-lethal... Scotland. Biggest pest here - (after human beings) = midges. And they're just annoying.
    I am just happy you survived - and remain to pester us...

  7. Hey Muj.

    You couldn't run me out of here with a barrel of cottonmouths.

    They just come with the precious flies, clouds of mosquitoes (pretty sure we've all had the West Nile multiple times), gators, coral snakes, etc...precious territory.

  8. When I was in the Australian outback, buying a few groceries in a wayside shop, a King Brown wandered in (do snakes wander?) through the back door. There was an immediate and determined stampede through the front door by everyone in the shop, which would have been a 'comedy moment' under other circumstances.

    When the snake showed no sign of making its way out, a couple of Aboriginal boys were dispatched inside to 'deal with him'. "Yer King Brown, he's a grumpy bugger', one of them said to me.

    Maybe your snake was in a relatively good mood. Glad you're still here to tell the tale anyway.

    1. Welcome to the party Kibber.

      Those things only have one mood.

      Last year when it flooded in the Delta...that was a recurring story.

      "I come in the store yesterdee mornin' and they was two of ' over by the coffee the other was curled up here in front of the door. We killed 'em."